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Writing: Top Ten Sites That Pay For Content

You want more money from writing. I can see it, I can feel it and that is why I return with a list of the top ten sites that pay writers like you and me for content produced. Triond,, Associated Content, Suite101 and eHow are among the best online writing sites that pay for content. Check them out.

For many of us, Triond is home but not a fixed aboard. There are many other sites that pay for user generated content and pay very well even though some have restrictions that can drive any budding writer mad. Depending on what you want to achieve as an online writer, checking some of them may not be harmful to your health or pocket. Here are top ten sites that pay for user generated content. Check them out.

  1. – They don’t just pay for content but offer writers a job that demands for 12 well written articles on a particular topic. Writers are supposed to apply and attach one of their articles for review. Writers are paid a fixed amount starting from $500 a month for the first two years. lacks the freedom many enjoy on Triond.
  2. Associated content – Owned by Yahoo, associated content pays writers a share of revenue generated by advertisements placed in a writer’s work and allows users to republish their own original content provided it appears under the same pen name. The fact that it was bought by yahoo makes it a force to reckon with.
  3. ehow – This is another exciting site that pays 10 – 15 dollars for every assignment but also pays a share of revenue generated by non assigned content. The site receives more than 3 million visitors in a day making it far more lucrative than associated content and Triond but a little more restrictive.
  4. Triond – Do you want freedom to publish almost anything and get away with it? Triond is the place to be for writers who not only want to hone their skills but also want to earn some easy money on the side. The site pays a share of ad revenue generated by content and also manages Google Adsense integration that allows writers to earn from Google ads placed in their content. Unlike the rest, this one is a network of sites rather than one writing platform.
  5. Hubpages – This is another exciting site that writers may love. It has a penchant for quality and receives more than 1.5 million views every day. The site does not pay for page views but rather pays 50% of Adsense generated by writers’ articles. Writers can write almost on anything but earning on the site seems to be a little slower.
  6. Suite101 – This is another exciting site that accepts content in a wide variety of topics estimated at more than 3000 and still counting. The site is not only available in English but accepts content in other mainstream European languages such as French, Spanish and German. Suite pays for all accepted high quality content.
  7. Squidoo – Do not ask what the name refers to but this site is among the highest ranked writing sites on Google and Alexa. Like Hubpages, Associated content and the rest, it pays 50% of revenue generated by displayed ads and receives more than 1.4 million views every day.
  8. Helium – Ever heard of upfront payment? Helium pays for user generated content in three different ways making it one of the most lucrative writing sites for experienced online content producers. The site pays upfront fees, contest winners and a share of ad revenue as well but is definitely more restrictive than Triond.
  9. Factoidz – Do you have a penchant for factual writing and reporting? This might be the place for you. Like the name suggests, Factoidz is not a place for rumors but accepts factual articles that must list at least three sources for their information. Article length is also restricted making it unpleasant for poets and short distance writers. Payment is also 50% of revenue generated by content.
  10. Bukisa – This is the best for lazy writers. It allows for content republishing and risks turning into a dumping ground of sorts. Article length is restricted to at least 250 words. Writers receive 50% of the revenue earned by their content. The site has the desired freedom for newbies and has since integrated Google Adsense as well.

Best of luck. Visit The Encyclopedia of Online Writing for more sites that pay for user generated content.

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