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Writing The Five-body Paragraph Cause and Effect Essay

This article discusses the five-body paragraph cause and effect essay. this article also provides the link for a step-by-step format of this type of essay.

Link to Cause and Effect Essay Format

The five-body paragraph cause and effect essay teaches beginning level college students the importance of being aware of the effects of certain things.   Every action we take and everything that we say has various effects.  Some of these effects are bad and some of these effects are good.  This type of essay asks students to examine at least three effects that result from one cause.   Furthermore, this type of essay teaches structure and organizational skills to students for more effective essay writing. This article provides the link that students should follow when approaching this type of writing.  The links to my step-by-step format are provided above and below this article.

The cause and effect essay asks students to think of one item and then fully explain the three effects.  One paragraph will be devoted to each effect, and each paragraph should have an in-depth explanation that articulates the effect and why it is even an effect.  Furthermore, each body paragraph should contain a specific example to make the explanation more clear.  For an in-depth step-by-step format of what a five-body paragraph cause and effect essay looks like, be sure to follow the link either above this article or below this article.  Also, when clicking on the link and following the format be sure to think of each step in each body paragraph as a cooking recipe.  My link also contains an example of a cause and effect essay that compliments the format. 

Link to Cause and Effect essay format

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