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Writing Techniques

Writers often use special techniques, in an attempt to help their writing stand out from the crowd.

 There are plenty of writing techniques that writers use to improve their writing. Some of the best writing techniques are the following:

Imagery Vivid descriptions of people, events and things are widely used in order to pull the reader into the writer’s imagination. All five senses are described to evoke various emotions.

Repetition When wanting to make things more dramatic or emphasise a particular event, repetition can come to the rescue. As long as it is not overused, in which case the opposite results will come up, repetition can make writing unique.

Circular endings By coming back full-circle to the introduction and repeating a sentence which was mentioned on the introduction, the basic  message that writers want to point out becomes stronger.

Rhetorical questions Rhetorical questions are questions  that are basically asked simply for effect. Those questions are not meant to be answered, but to intensify the situation and trigger powerful emotions.

Stretched-out moments  It often happens that a particular event or moment is described in full detail in an attempt to make the readers live through the  experience and therefore develop particularly profound emotions in the process. 

Whether using all or some of the above writing techniques, the result can only be good, provided they are used in the correct way.

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