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Writing Style Tips: How to Make Your Writing Flow

Making sure that your writing flows is a major part of good writing style. Learn how to make your sentences flow into each other using conjunctions and using proper words at the beginning of sentences to let them flow together.

Writing a proper article is sort of like putting together a puzzle. You have the information, which is like the various puzzle pieces themselves, the article, which is the finished puzzle on the box, but the way that format your sentences is how the puzzle fits together, and thus there are many different ways to complete a puzzle that has the same picture.

Making sure that all of the pieces of your article fit together is a critical skill that all writers need to know if they want to write quality pieces of content. Ideally, most writers have a grasp of sentence structure and paragraphs, so that their articles tend to flow by default. However, there is always room for improvement, and many writers have absolutely nothing flowing in their writing.

In order to get your article to flow, you need to use conjunctions to reduce the amount of run on sentences. For example, and, but, however, or, so, yet, although and until are all examples of conjunctions that can be used to extend your sentence’s length and reduce the short choppy sentences many beginning writers are afflicted with.

The ending and the beginning of two adjacent sentences must flow into each other, and have a good transition between the themselves. For example:

“When trying to lose weight, you can cut down on carbs by eating bread free meals. Protein is something that must also be limited…”

These are badly worded sentences, because no transition words are used between the sentences to link their meaning, and the relation between the two isn’t clearly shown. A good example about a sentence about the same topic is:

“When trying to lose weight, you can cut down on carbs by eating bread free meals. However, in order to limit the amount of calories you consume effectively, protein must be limited as well…”

These are good sentences because they relate to each other about limiting an element of your diet, and also transition smoothly.

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