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Writing Review: 15 Great Erotic Short Stories

When erotica is this good, it is art.

Writing erotica has a long and respected history.  I’m not talking about writing that is full of valgarities and profanities.  I’m talking about literary erotica like Fanny Hill, Lady Chatterley, Lolita, The Story of O, Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn…The list goes on and on.

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And I’m proud to say that I’m following in the same literary tradition of erotic writing that appeals not only to the libido but also to the intellect.

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Fortunately, I’ve been able to publish 15 of these erotic stories on Triond.  Writing literary erotica is aways a balancing act between literary parameters and sexual tension.  I’ve done the best I could do.  These works are written in the show-don’t-tell method of writing.  What is the show-don’t-tell method of writing?  That is writing where the author, me, gets out of the way and lets the characters act out the story.  So, taking my own advice let me get out of the way and here is my contribution to long history of literary erotica.

Girls Gone Wild                        Flash Fiction: Girls Loving Girls                   Orgasm

The Last Nude Photos             Flash Fiction: Like a Virgin                          A Young Woman’s Lust

Girls Kissing Girls                     Flash Fiction: Black Stockings                     Taboo Love

Sex Videos                              Flash Fiction: Lesbian Lust                         Sex Games

The Topless Dancer                Nude Conversation                                     Young Lust

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