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Writing: How to Make The Old New

For the writer, originality should always be the goal of his or her writing.

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The writing day for the Old Soldier is slowly coming to an end.  Oh, there is still copy to read and comments to leave and maybe another quick blog post to put up and several more Triond titles to tweet, but most of the sweaty, dirty work has been done.

I may even take a quick nap before watching the news on public television.

But before the writing day is definitely over, I’d like to leave you with a thought about the nature of originality in online writing.

I have an email subscription to ProBlogger.

The experts at ProBlogger are always reminding bloggers not to just repeat what everyone else is reporting.  Of course, this is excellent advice for any wordsmith, whether that person is a blogger or a content writer.  No matter how common the subject matter may be, the writer must try to bring something, anything new to the table. 

It can be a unique insight, a distinctive writing style or even a distinctive writing persona.

For a content writer, bringing originality to his or her content is a real challenge.  Often times, content writers are unconcerned with originality.  We just want to write, to get words down on the page, to hit that send button and in so doing say to the world, I’m still here and I’m still kicking.

Still, a kick in the right place will be certain to get your reader’s attention.  After all, that is really why we are all writing, isn’t it?  To get someone’s attention?

Here is a flash fiction story for your reading pleasure: Sex, Booze and a Short Memory

Liked it

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