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Writing for Magazines

Beginners should try another option in writing, get famous as a freelance writer.

Earning money on line is not easy, but there are other options, why not start  submitting your articles for magazines?

Writing for a magazine is hard work, there is no getting around it.  Time is required to develop your skills, an idea, the effort  to get the article written, and more effort to do the actual rewriting

It doesn’t mean you won’t be successful

Will  you face competition?

The two types of competition in magazine writing to face up to.  Think of the established writers, the popular names, against you the newcomer.  If you work hard you can get into the first category.  Also submitting articles and get rejected.

Most beginners in writing think first of the magazines they read,  than of those on the newsstands.  The general rule, the consumer magazine pays more, are much harder to sell, because of  too much competition.

Write for trade magazines

The aim with this kind of magazine is at specific industry.  Designed  to inform their readers and to advertise to those who work in these industries.

If you write about makeup, then you should go for the Woman’s magazine, a possibility of you getting it right. You need credits to write for the beauty category.

Try an Internet search on the name of industry you choose to write for, another option stop by the office of the company and ask about the magazine. Get the idea of  how they work it will boost you confidence.

How much money can you make writing magazine articles? Money made in writing for magazines varies, most pay by the word, that is one cent per word to as much as $2 or more, try sell to the higher paying magazines, offer a flat fee. The more you sell the  more  money you will make. Go for the highest paying, maybe you will have to sell to a magazine that pays less until you move up into category. Where do you get ideas for magazine articles? Ideas are everywhere, write about  what you had for breakfast. The trick in writing for magazines is horning an idea, it has to meet the need of the market. 

The title can be Quick tips on making a simple meal, or  Tricks on Parenting.

How do you know what a magazine wants? You must read cover to cover to know what the magazine is about, don’t assume.  Read the masthead,  and making note of the kinds of editors Check if there is any article submission  Check out the title features, and of the specific editor for that feature What kind of articles does the magazine prefer? Self-help articles may be  a preference Most magazines won’t publish the same article for at least six months, sometimes seven longer than that. The letters to the editor can give you the feel for the audience to write for. Focus on advertisements, learn by just looking If the there is  website, spend time on the site and know more about the magazine. Guidelines to writing for the magazine maybe available to you. A good chance of you selling them an article by studying their work.  Should you query first, or just submit?   This depends if you can find Market Listing for the magazine in question. 

You can look up the information in Writers Market.

If you are  a brand new writer with not much credit send the whole article.

Send a cover letter with your article.


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