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Writing Exercises for Your Five Year Old

At the age of five, little fingers need lots of exercise, as they prepare for learning to write. This article will give some fun ideas for writing exercises for your little five year old.

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Children in their first year of school, will be spending time with their teachers, exercising their fingers and learning to write the alphabet. Little fingers will need to be strong ,in order to handle the task of writing. Your five year old’s teacher will be doing a fine job, of helping your child to write. In the meantime, their are some writing exercises you could do at home with them. These excercises are fun ,as well as effective for learning.

Children’s songs and finger games, make little fingers stronger. Songs and and games like Incey Winsey spider and Twinkle ,will give your child fingers strength and dexterity. Play these games often ,with your child. You can do an Internet search for more finger games and songs.

Spend time with your five year old, enjoying the great fun and delight of such games. Stay with them always, as they practice and play at learning. Your presence and support will boost confidence and interest. At this age, as other ages to come, they love their parents approval. Stand by, with stickers and stars to reward their every effort.

The alphabet is mostly formed from circles and stick shapes. These shapes are the foundations of the alphabet. You can give your five year old, good practice for writing, with clay play. Purchase Play Dough and other non-toxic clay. Set aside a play area  with table and chair, where you both can sit.

 Make it a family affair with both Mom and Dad on hand. Roll the clay into circle shapes and lay them out, for your child to see. After making a few of these, let you child have a try. While your five year old is making circles, you follow along, making your own. Remember to let your little one hear, those ooohs! and aaaahs! of your delight and approval.

While you must practice clay circles, also hand roll clay sticks. These two shapes, as I mentioned, form the basis of the alphabet. Now I have another writing excercise that is sure to delight and inspire your child. You will need a spray can of cool whip , shaving creme, or even a can of cheese whiz.

I’m sure your wondering what sort of writing exercise, comes up next, with cheeses and creams. Here is what you and your five year old can have fun doing. Sit down with your child at a table or where you both are comfortable. Lay out a plastic tablecloth or other protective cover. You begin this exercise. Take the spray cool whip or shaving cream and make wide circles on the table. The spray stuff is great for practicing circles. Allow your child to do the same, until several circles have been made.

To practice writing. Get yourself some big sheets of construction paper and thick markers. Make the letters of the alphabet using dots. Do this before hand. Bring it out at play time. Have your child connect the dots to form the letters. You can make all the letters of the alphabet this way, as dots before hand. You could also check a teachers supply store ,to see if they have ready made sheets.

Glow in the dark markers are also fun for your child to use. They could  practice making letter forms by laying out dried peas into alphabet shapes. All of the above writing exercises for five year olds are all very effective. Thirty to forty minutes, of these playful activites are sure to help.

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