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First off many think that being a writer is easy that it just comes to you , no matter what you are writing about . You could be writing a book, article , blogger or a short story and people think that it just comes to you . Well they are wrong, writing is a very long and hard process that in the end it may payoff and then again it may not you are really just taking chances . A lot of the time to as a writer you are living paycheck to paycheck unless you make it big like Anne Rice, Tom Clancy , JR Ward and Christine Feehan just to name a few .

But for those that are aspiring to become one of the greats of writing , you need to realize that it is not something that is just going to happen over night . It is going to take a lot of dedication , determination and being able to stick to it even if there are others that say that it is not worth the time to do it . If you want to be the next famous writer than its worth it . But the one thing to remember is to start small first work as a freelance writer for companies like Odesk and Triond from there once you feel comfortable with that then try your hand at a short story and see if you can get it published . There are several publishers out there that will do it for free. Once you see how that goes then you take your time and write your book . But remember it may take a year or to finish it . These are the steps you need to do to become a famous writer

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