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Writing a Vampire Novel: Three Points

Writing a vampire novel may interest you if you are a fan of the paranormal. In recent years, more and more people have become fans of this particular genre.

Suddenly vampires are no longer scary, brooding old men. Members of this latest breed are young, attractive and rarely suck blood, preferring to flex their muscles in battle with werewolves and other creatures.

Writing a Vampire Novel: Setting

Decide where the events in the story will take place. Most of those that we see now are set in modern times. This makes it easy to relate to them sometimes. It is also easier for the writer to portray the environment realistically because they are more familiar with the details that they need to make the account believable.

Several of them are set in a different time or a foreign culture and this can be more difficult for the writer. There are readers who make it their point of duty to identify historical inaccuracies that may be present in any work that they come across. You will be required to do more research if you write this type of novel. The details in your story have to match what is known about that period of time.

Writing a Vampire Novel: Perspective

The second step in writing a vampire novel has to do with deciding who is telling the story. Is the main character the one who is going to speak directly to the readers? Is it a friend or someone else that they have a relationship with? Will the story be told by a narrator in the third person?

Writers usually choose what they are most familiar with. Each style has its advantages. For example, with the first person, it is easier to hear the character’s thoughts directly. This means that the writer has to be very strong in the skill of creating characters. Writers will also have to find ways to link everything that is happening in the story to the main character. When you write in the third person, you can move from scene to scene with ease. They do not all have to involve the main character.

Writing a Vampire Novel: What Type of Novel Will it Be?

Some writers are fond of humorous accounts. This means that they sometimes insert a little humor into the pieces they do. If you are good at humorous writing, consider your options carefully when it comes to a vampire story. You may be better at creating a character who remains with readers long after they have finished the last page, if you employ humor in the story.

Other persons may want to focus on horror. That has been done many times already, so you should make sure that your work does not come across as a cliché. There are several other angles that you could approach the story from. You could write a story in the action genre or focus on romance. Do what feels right to you because this is how you will find your voice and create something that is truly original.

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