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Writers Listen Up: Having a Niche is Crucial

The most successful writers, entertainers and creators all have a niche. If you want to get ahead, you need one too.

Think Robin Williams or Adam Sandler; they have a niche, and that niche is comedy. If you shell out eight bucks for one of their movies, you are expecting something funny, right. After all, that is what they do. Even though both actors have dipped into some dramatic roles, they knew they could only be successful at any genre change if they went full speed ahead, otherwise the flick would fail. When considering a niche market, the online writer must remember who they are writing too, and make it clear. The problem with many online writers and content providers is that if they find a niche, they correspond to it in a half assed manner. They apply themselves too thin and take on too many topics. This is a problem and one reason that they are never very successful.

Discover Your Niche

What are you proficient at? What subject matter moves you? What do you know a lot about? When you answer these questions, you have found your niche. The next step is to commit to that niche.

Building an Empire

Start a Facebook, have a Twitter, create a Linked In, and a Plaxo. Then, start adding folks to your lists that fit within your niche. For example, if you are a finance writer, include loan officers, mortgage brokers, bankers and real estate agents to your list. While everyone uses money and your audience could be anyone at all, it’s beneficial for those in the financial industry to stay abreast of the latest news and information. What I am getting at here, is that a loan officer is much more likely to send your story out to their clients than your average, regular Joe might be.


If your work is funny, then you need to be consistently funny within your social realm. I am not saying that you have to come up with something witty and fun every day, but make sure that more posts than not are entertaining, if humor is your calling. Whatever your niche, be consistent with it for your online persona.


If you wrote an article about Facebook, for example, target that article to friends on your Facebook list that use Facebook often. Send a private message to the article or tag them in a post. However, don’t do this every day, as it becomes annoying. Save this for only your best work to ensure it gets shared.

The goal and objective with niche writing is creating a viral effect on the Internet with any story you write. What do I mean by viral? Well, you send your work to a few friends, they send it to a few more friends, who send it to more and so on. That is the best way to capture and develop niche markets, leveraging the social media revolution.

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