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Write If You Want to be a Writer

Many people say, "I want to be a writer when I have more time." But they never have time. If you really want to be a writer, you must write. It will be a challenge but it’s worth it. You are unique. Nobody else in the world can arrange words on paper the way you can. You will be rushed. There will never be time enough so don’t wait for time. Just do it. Sit down and write.

Writing is a lonely occupation. If you have family, it’s a daily struggle to find quiet time to be alone with your thoughts in order to write, also, when you hit your stride, it’s hard to turn if off to go to your day job, cook dinner or pick up the kids at school. And reading, to write you must read extensively, and not just read but take notes. A writer has notebooks full of notes and uses them continually. Carry a pad with you to take notes of conversations and all sorts of interesting things going on around you.

When reading, make notes not only of what you like, but also about what you don’t like. Rewrite the piece to your liking and see how it looks. Writers are also geniuses at putting off writing. A writer can make excuses out of whole cloth. But the time comes when you must sit down and put words on paper. Every writer should have a special place to write.

Of course nowadays, it’s usually in front of the computer. Place your computer in quiet corner of your house, or you might go to the library, a cafe or even write in your car while waiting for the kids. Make it a habit to write every day before you go to bed if you are really serious about writing. Writing takes a huge chunk out of your life, but if you’re a writer, it’s worth it.

To avoid the dreaded writer’s block, never stop writing. First read, then take notes and keep up a journal. Write something every day. From your reading, notes and journal you should always find something interesting to write about. Commit to writing an hour every day about anything at all.

If it’s possible to take classes and workshops, do it. It will help you immensely. If it isn’t possible, keep reading, writing and taking notes. Some of the best writers never had a class in writing. If you write something you don’t like, put the piece aside for a few days, then take it out and rework it. If you can’t see exactly what’s wrong with the piece, ask a trusted friend to read it and give you feed back. Sometimes another eye can see better.

Read, take notes and prepare for writing your piece, but don’t get so involved in preparation that you never get down to writing. Do your homework and get the work done. Keep all your research, notes and jottings near at hand. When you’re on a roll you don’t want to leave your station in search of needed material. Know that rejection is part of the game. Accept the fact and keep writing.

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