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Words are Nothing

Somewhere along the line, we may meet someone who will let us do something for him or let us learn something from him, all of us have the right to choose which best serves our purpose (or you prefer to submit to his purpose).

            The controversy of a written word is that no matter how we may make ourselves believe that we have written something so smart and significant, the world may not heed about it. Now if you are a writer self conscious that what you are thinking may have been something already thought by someone before just forgotten and adapted in your present article which we couldn’t avoid because our minds are merely floating in a sea of ideas, just be considerate in giving your article the benefit of the doubt that someone will pick it up. Consider these points to make you realize what blogging is all about.

Viewpoints – You are the center of your world and I am the center of my own. The fact that what I am trying to tell in my article could be understood by everybody is both possible and impossible. Now however impossible what you maybe writing if you have the patience to read my own works, I maybe starting to understand your message little by little but even if you have the most provocative article and drop me a line to read your work without reading my own article in return, what’s the point in that? Blogging in Triond is not a one-sided literary affair.

Write moderately – Written words could be intoxicating at times that if you metaphorically drank too much of it, you may lose yourself somewhere you could never tell. Just don’t give in to that. Unfortunately blogging is all about sitting and writing and being patient. Not about writing an article and being impatient about having somebody to read it and sending everyone a message to read your work. Now if you have done that effort of dropping a message to everyone’s inbox to read your work just imagine the difference if you have commented to somebody’s work instead. Most of us are all writers with a heart and I suppose you if you throw a piece of bread to somebody, you will get pieces of crumbs in turn. Outsmarting your fellow writers knowing dropping a line on another’s inbox is much easier than waiting for your comments to upload is cheating.

Don’t Run Before You Can Walk – It’s good to be in a fit of writing frenzy to gain the spirit to fuel your creativity to write. As time goes by and as our time slowly gets used up however we may have written all the words to convey all the best ideas we could think of but we never could escape our destiny. The words will never run out but we may run out of it. Let us take our fate as it is for we can do nothing about it. What’s the point of trying to panic in futile attempt to tell the world when all had been said and done? There was only one Buddha and one Jesus Christ who ever lived. Both masters of wisdom didn’t force their wisdom upon anybody else. They performed miracles (maybe to catch attention) but they preached their truth in the kindest and most profound way.

From Nothing to Something  -  The trouble about biological life is that we may start from nothing and gain something and it will be at such point where we have gained so much of something before we will ultimately expire into nothing. To make it easily understood, as the saying goes; “The point of life is that there is no point”. So if you get anything from this article let it guide your life as I will do the same to learn from this myself. There is only one guy to whom I’m writing this for but I suppose life is an open book where we could learn from it not necessarily doing the mistakes ourselves. Intelligence is something but patience is another thing. Now with intelligence and patience, as a matured writer we knew too well none of us is a commenting machine.

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