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Which is The Best Paid Article Writing Site?

I have been writing articles for a couple of years now, and I have checked out all of the major worldwide article writing sites, and I think I have found the best one.

I just started writing on Factoidz two weeks ago, and I am pretty sure it is the best paid article writing site, because I have made over twenty dollars already, from about twenty two articles. The reason why I have earned so much so quickly is the activity bonus they give you.

For example, if you publish a lot of articles in a month, you earn more. If your articles have a good SEO rank, you earn more, and you can get paid up to $20 immediate payment to write site reviews, and article assignments, as well as a really high rate of payment for views on the page.

While I am only making about ten cents a day directly from my articles, this is a higher rate per thousand views than any other article writing site, because they reward you with a payment rate of up to $10 per thousand views, if you get a really high SEO rank, and write about a topic that pays well.

For example, business is a highly paid topic there, and so is jobs and employment. It took me a year of writing articles on other sites to build up a residual income of a dollar a day from my articles there, and thanks to the activity bonus, and rewards for good work, I am already making more after two weeks on Factoidz than I possibly could anywhere else.

You may ask why I am still writing here on Triond, if I make so much more there, and the answer is simple, I am only writing this article to make a back link to my article on Factoidz, and to try to get referrals for Factoidz from Triond, because I get $10 every time one of my referrals writes twenty articles and gets promoted to the level of staff writer.

I have already become a staff writer, and it has a lot of benefits, for example, you can edit your articles, publish when you want without waiting for editors, and you get twice as many votes to cast on other people’s articles. I fully recommend Factoidz to any article writers out there, they pay through Paypal, they pay based on views on the page, and they reward article writers who do their job well. To join Factoidz, click here.

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