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Where to Get Your Ebook Reviewed

You’ve struggled for ages putting together your ebook, and it’s finally ready. You put it out for sale, but hardly anybody buys it! Where can you get it reviewed to attract readers? You should have considered this issue before you published; but now that your book is out, you can submit it for review to an ebook review site.

You’ve struggled for ages putting together your ebook, and it’s finally ready.  You put it out for sale, but hardly anybody buys it!  Where can you get it reviewed to attract readers?
Ebook Review Websites
I’m currently working on a book proposal, and I’ve done some research on ebook review sites. 
If you published through Amazon, the company provides space on the page for reviews. Nevertheless, it may be difficult to get a review on Amazon. If reviews fail to appear, have a friend or family member write one. Make sure they like your book before they write the review.  
Other ebook review websites are hard to find, but they do exist.  I had to go through a number of Google search pages to glean the following list of sites.  Please note that ebook reviewers won’t buy your book to review it.

  •  This Australian website interests me most of all the ebook reviewers I found.  They have an RSS stream, a Twitter following, and a Facebook page. In addition to the web page, they put up book reviews on YouTube (although the reviewer handles a physical copy in the video reviews).  A web designer, who says she prefers ebooks, runs the site.  The website has a special section for Kindle books.  Submissions information:
  • “Daily Ebook Reviews Ebook Reviews for Your Kindle, Sony Reader and Nook.”  This well-designed website, which only reviews fiction, has been less active recently, but it’s certainly worth watching.  Submissions:
  •  A website that appears to focus on reviews of erotic romances–including LGBT–that other review sites refuse. Ebook Addict Reviews may also put your ebook trailer on their website.  Submissions:
  • A review site for free ebooks.  You may want to consider publishing your ebook for free if you can include advertising, if you want to promote your own professional services, if you want to drive traffic to your website, or if you believe in the Internet as a source of free culture.  Submissions:
  •  This website works with Amazon authors–and wants to sell them a publicity package. “We will accept items that are not on Amazon, however, we have a $10.00 fee for listing and linking to author website.”  They will do free reviews: “We will accept books, galleys and ARCs, for free reviews, however, due to the overwhelming amount of submissions and high costs of processing we are limiting the number of free reviews we will give each week.”  They don’t want to do free reviews of books already published and only available in ebook format without a fee.  Submissions:

The Book Proposal
You may be in this review-less predicament because you didn’t write a book proposal.  Writing a book proposal requires you to consider how you’re going to market your book.  If you didn’t write one, now you’ll know better for next time.  There are quite a few guides to book proposal writing online.  I advise you to read several before you begin your next book project. Here are some suggestions:
Non-fiction  (Notice this guideline from a literary agency does not tell you to include a marketing section.  If you get an agent, marketing is their problem.)
Can You Help Out?
If you have any more information on or experience with these websites, please share it with your fellow Triond writers in the comments section below.

I recently followed up this article with more information.  See Where to Get Your Ebook Reviewed (2).

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