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Where to Get Topics for Writing?

Are you running out of inspiration? A writer needs not view this question as a threat but uses it as reminder for a continuous search for topics. Prevention is always welcome to avoid writer’s block. This article suggests ten places where you can get topics for writing. No matter where you get the topics, do not forget to cherish them. Enjoy writing.

Are you running out of inspiration? This simple question may be a nightmare for those writers who are suffering from Writer’s block. Even a writer is abundant in topics to write at the moment, he or she is subjected to the reality that once the ideas are presented in black and write, new inspirations must come for replenishment. Hence, a writer has to keep on recruiting new ideas. This article suggests ten places to get topics for writing.

1. What you are most familiar with

This is the most direct source of getting topics. A self questioning, a listing and an organizing will help a writer to get a full picture of what topics he can come up with instantly. Do not let the short list discourages you. A writer can always expand the list by going into details to break down a topic into several smaller and refined one.

2. What you most want to say

If you have a passion of writing, there must be something you want to talk about. You may not be familiar with the topics but it does not matter, you can always do research to find out more.

3. Writing contests, writing challenge

Sometimes writing contests offer a specific topic that may provide inspiration. If you have a difficulty in adding a contest into your schedule, or the word requirement is too much for you, maybe you can consider some writing challenges.

In Triond, a fellow member Duff D Moss introduced different challenged words for every round of writing challenges. You can write a poem, a short story, an episode of your novel or an article. For details about the writing challenges, you can check the corresponding thread in the Triond forum regularly.

My entries to the Triond writing challenges so far:

A Rainy Man: a Poem about Love & Life (Round 24, challenged words are flaccid balloon and umbrella)

Let’s Rock: A Poem about Childhood (Round 25, challenged words are spasmodic delirium and plastic)

Who Eventually Won? : a Poem About Killing (Round 26, challenged words are radioactive material and hemlock)

4. What you dream of

We all know that dreams come true are rare. Though you may not be able to take an action in reality, the characters from your pen can. If you let your characters bear your dreams, you can focus at infinity and there will be a lot of topics available.

5. Check forum

Not every forum will run a writing challenge. However, it is common to see people asking different kinds of questions. Answer a question can come up with an article.

6. Reading

Books, magazines, articles and news are where you can get some inspirations. For example, Article Review: 50 Secrets Your Dentist Won’t Tell You this article was written after reading the Reader’s Digest July 2009 issue.

7. Listen to Music

Different songs have different themes and melodies, performed by different singers. They may stand alone or being adopted in movies, advertisements or some other special functions. There are many things to talk about.

8. Watch Movies

Here is another treasure island people can explore. Every year there are many films offered by Hollywood, Bollywood, Lollywood, Nollywood and so on. Take a look at the Oscar and you will find there are 24 current awards from this single academy award. It suggests a movie can be narrowed down for discussion in at least 24 aspects.

9. Chatting

Chat with other people such as your family members, friends, colleagues and even strangers, you may learn new things or get inspired.

10. Special activities, events

Enroll in part-time study, attend a seminar, do volunteer works, have a blood donation, a holiday all provide materials for writing.

Other than these aforementioned, maybe you have your own place to get topics for writing. No matter where the topics come from, cherish all the ideas that steal into your mind and enjoy writing.


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