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What I’ve Given Up to be a Writer

Here’s five things I’ve given up to be a full-time writer. What would you give up to have the job of your dreams?

If you are thinking about leaving your secure day job to pursue a full-time gig as a writer, I have a few things for you to consider.  Pursuing my passion has come with a price.   After all, all good things come with a price.  I’d like to highlight what I’ve given up to pursue the job of my dreams.

1.  $75 Shampoo:  Before any men out there have a heart attack, that price is for the bigbottle.  Pureology made my locks shine with a confidence of their very own.  It pained me to give up the high caliber of shampoo.  Though my locks are aching, I’ve found some solace in Paul Mitchell.

2. A Tenure Teaching Position:  I know what you are saying, “In this economy…are you insane?”  Well, I guess you have to be a little crazy to write suspense novels in the first place, so I guess so.  I gave up a stable job in a relatively strong school district to follow my dreams.  Would it make it easier for you to believe if I told you I taught high school?

3. Botox:  Those of you who haven’t tried it are either too young to understand, or will likely find me superficial.  Those of you who HAVE tried it will feel my intense pain.  My horizontal lines are back albeit less severe than before mercifully.  As soon as my book gets published, I’m heading to see my doctor, I assure you.  The individuals at Allergan are truly geniuses!

4. Four-Star Hotels:  Admittedly, I never could afford to stay at the five stars, but my previous income allowed the luxury of a nice four star hotel now and then.  Nowadays, when I book a weekend away, I get to choose from the first few results, sorted by price.  There are some decent two and three star hotels.  A trick I’ve learned is to check the feedback from prior guests.  Sometimes you can find a diamond in the rough based on the reviews from fellow frugal friends.

5.  Public Acceptance:  Try it; tell someone you are a writer, and see the responses you get.  Everyone you meet will look at you skeptically.  There are the ones who know ALL about the trade, though most have never even written as much as a short story.  These people will lecture you about how hard it is to “break-in” to the industry.  They will do their best to fully discourage you and make you feel insignificant.  If that’s not bad enough, there are the ones who find out you are writing a novel about a serial killer and wonder about YOU.  They will look at you dubiously.  “How do you come up with your ideas?”  They will question in the back of their mind if you are actually a serial killer yourself.  Be forewarned, if you decide to become a full-time writer, check your need for public acceptance at the door, and never look back. 

So, are you ready to quit your day job for a full-time writing venture?  What are you willing to give up to pursue your dreams?

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