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What are Your Recommendations for Writing Sites?

Over the last year or two, many people have recommended writing sites that they have just joined, or they have been writing there for awhile. Also, in this past year, several sites have had problems and others have either disappeared or changed format.

There is no lack of writing sites. They seem to be everywhere. But for most of us, trying to find good ones has been like wandering through a thicket looking for a diamond.

I try to keep my ear to the ground about new sites or ones that have already proven themselves. Some have changed format and improved their quality, while others have gone the opposite way, and have lost writers or have reduced how much they pay.

Speaking only for myself, I have joined two other sites, but how much follow-through I will do with them remains to be seen. 

I kept hearing about ExpertColumn, so joined them, doing one article so far. Somehow, and for some reason, I haven’t done any more. Yesterday, with reservations, I joined Bubblews, and did one article there. I am not crazy about some of their platform. In reviews online, it has been held up as having great potential, with many speculating that their high rate of pay cannot continue. But, for what Triond pays, and all the problems it has, I think I will gamble a bit on a short but profitable sprint, if that’s what it’s going to be. However, it is applying for patents and uses a different advertising method, sharing 50/50 with its writers. People who have been writing there have tremendous praise, and the amounts they say they are making is nothing short of astounding, for very few articles. If you look up Bubblews in Google, you will find several interesting entries worth exploring if you are looking for something else. I think that for many of us who have walked the hard road and been disappointed in different sites, we are somewhat bitter and have more of our share of skepticism. We have “writing site fatigue”. Like changing lovers every year or two.

I was not impressed with Bubblews initially due to their taking all manner of spun articles, but they claim that the articles they accept must be of high quality. Things may change as time passes.  I think their heart is in the right place, and they are making a huge effort to be different. 

It is interesting to me how loyal Triond writers are. But many have left, that is for sure. I personally find it difficult to read other’s articles now because of the relentless pop-up ads that must be removed before I can do that. Having the screen blocked by the same noisy ads, over and over, makes me have to keep my sound off, and my target finger ready to close them to get to the articles. I know everyone on this site has the same problem. It is truly amazing that any of us are still here. Maybe we like being abused. Maybe we think we deserve punishment. That is worth thinking about. I truly wonder how many good writers are on Triond anymore? The key word here is “good”.

But, I digress. My purpose of writing this article was to get feedback and updates from others who have wandered the path and can recommend sites for reasons other than to gain referral credits. That is another reason I am skeptical. Many will recommend a writing site, but it is for referral credits. That is not a bad thing, but it doesn’t tell anyone how good the site is. 

I hope, if you have some good recommendations, that you will share this with others. New sites are popping up all the time. Thank you.

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