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Website Comparison: Hubpages vs.. Triond

These two websites were launched in the same year within two months of each other and have come a long way since then. See how you can earn from writing for each of them and how they compare to each other?

HubPages and Triond are surprisingly similar in some ways and yet are very different from each other. Both sites were launched around the same time in 2006. Triond was started in the month of June just 2 months ahead of HubPages which was launched in August. They also have similar models through which writers can earn money online by writing for them. Want to know how these two writing sites compare? Read on.

Writing and Submission Process

-          Writers are called Hubbers on HubPages and their submissions are called Hubs. Hubbers may create hubs written in English which contain text, photos, videos and links. All content are automatically published and may later be unpublished if found to contravene any publishing guidelines.

-          Triond accepts text, image and video content created in English. Submissions are reviewed and published if they are accepted. Triond may request that you revise an article before it is accepted and sometimes, may decline to publish your content.


-          HubPages does not pay hubbers directly. Hubbers earn from one of the affiliate programs on HubPages which include Google AdSense, Kontera, Amazon and eBay. To earn from any of these programs, hubbers have to apply and be accepted into them first. The application processes can be found on the HubPages FAQ. There is also a means of earning from traffic referrals.

-          Triond offers writers the opportunity to earn from article page views and Google AdSense. You have to have a Google AdSense account for which you can apply from HubPages. Writers can also earn from Triond’s referral program.


-          On HubPages, you receive your payments from the various affiliate programs. Thus, you may request payment whenever you reach the payment threshold for each of the programs. For instance, you may ask for payment on Google AdSense or Amazon when your earnings reach $100.

-          Triond pays earnings from page views through PayPal, Check and Western Union. Minimum payout via PayPal is $0.50. For check and Western Union, minimum payout is $100. Google AdSense earnings are paid by Google when you reach the minimum payout which is usually $100.

Other Points of Note

-          Both websites prefer original and non-duplicate content. On Triond, your submission must not have been previously published on the internet for it to be accepted but you may publish it elsewhere after it has been accepted.

HubPages will allow you publish duplicate content but it will be tagged as such. Content tagged as duplicate will receive less promotion on HubPages and no-outbound links will be allowed on it. Even if you publish an article first on HubPages, it will be marked as duplicate when you publish it elsewhere. Usually, such content generate lesser earnings than content which is exclusive to HubPages.

-          All content published on HubPages reside on the parent website. On the other hand, Triond maintains a publishing network which consists of websites that cater to particular topics. They include sites like HealthMad (health and wellness), Bizcovering (business), AuthSpot (fiction writing), Trifter (travelling), etc.

-          HubPages allows writers to add more functionality to their content like polls, tables, quizzes, news feeds and RSS feeds. Triond allows you to only submit your content.

-          Earning from Amazon, eBay and Kontera on HubPages requires creating highly specialized hubs (hubs that cover specific products) and having a large amount of traffic.


-           Both HubPages and Triond provide earning opportunities for writers from any country in the world.

-          They both offer Google AdSense earnings and referral earnings.

-          Both websites have payment methods allow writers from countries that are on the PayPal list to be able to receive their earnings without hassle.

Writing for both of them is a sure way to boost your earnings from online writing especially from Google AdSense.

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