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Update on First Day at New Writing Site

I’ve been two-timing Triond. There. It’s out. I confess. But I liked it. A lot. And I am going to be with the other writing site again. No matter what anyone thinks. Not even me. But don’t tell anyone, OK?

I’ve been writing articles and giving feedback to strangers. I don’t know these people, but I will if I keep two-timing Triond. I thought it would be harder than this. Going behind Triond’s back, I mean. Being sneaky is not in my nature. But, y’know? When something feels good, it is hard to not do it. Sort of like eating chocolate cake. Or ice cream. Or fried chicken.

I took on another name, too. It’s a secret, but I’ll only tell you. My new name is Champagne. You like it? I do. I took the name because the new site I am writing for is Bubblews. Bubbles – champagne – get it? Well, I could have called myself Soap, or Beer, or Alka-Selzer, but somehow all those lack, um, something. So, that’s my alias. I am not only a two-timer, but I have an exotic name now. Like Destiny, or Cleo. Well, Cleo was my father’s name, so maybe that won’t work. Exotic is not what one would think about if they saw him. 

So, here is my take for the last 24 hours. All kidding aside. I have made (drum roll)……………$1.28 as of this minute, and I joined yesterday about the same time. I have written three articles. In the first day, with one article, I made $1.21. I don’t know if it updates every so often, or every day or what. But I have read many of the other writer’s accounts and articles about what they are making, and it seems to be going well. They will nail plagiarism and kick a writer off for good on the first go. They have zero tolerance for it, and will not discuss it. They just don’t pay you and do not accept any more articles. I think they have this magic button or something that immediately throws the article back in the writer’s face. You can send in a hundred more articles and it will not accept any of them. If there is a true error, you can appeal to the staff. They will give you the link to the other article that caused them to call it plagiarized. If you do a reprinted article that belongs to you, you must make it clear that the article is yours, and for my money, I would rather just rewrite and retitle my old articles than go through the possible hassle. 

There are a lot of entries that do not try to be “articles”. They are paragraphs. And each paragraph is just like an article. You can do ten in one day. I need to perfect my paragraph skills. I saw some feedback over there for this one writer who writes exceptionally well, but he got some thumbs down. I don’t know why. I expect because there are a lot of young people over there who don’t have the patience to read through a dissertation. The size of the article blank is limited, though. I found that out when I wrote an article and got carried away. I ran into a wall. This space probably does the same, I don’t know. 

Registering is easy, and I have already found a few Trionders over there. I also found some old eHower’s over there. Small world. But few will know who I am unless they go to my profile page. 

I have noticed that there are fewer people in my “group” here at Triond writing for the last week or so. Even some daily posters are missing, such as Jennifer and MaryAnn. 

I hope some of you will come over and keep me company. The site takes a little getting used to, but the publishing part is easy, and instant, just like it is here. It’s a good place to link some of your articles back to Triond, as well.

Please let me know if you come over, and what your name is going to be. You can choose whatever avatar you want. I chose a champagne Persian kitten as mine.

Well, if I’m going to try to be exotic, I might as well look the best I can, don’t you think? 

Liked it

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