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Up Front Pay Article Sites

Two sites that pay you up front for written articles.

I am always looking for sites that will pay up front for articles. I have been working on Textbroker for awhile and like it there. The pay isn’t great, unless you get direct orders, which is how I get most of my work now. But, I am always looking for other sites that pay up front. I found two that do just that.

This site pays up front for Work For Hire (WFH) articles. The criteria is not too stridgent and they also offer Revenue Share (RSA or RSQ) articles to write as well. RSA are regular articles and RSQ’s are questions that you would be answering. The pay is not bad, a 350 word WFH article pays anywhere between $10.00 and $15.00, just depending on the article itself. The articles available are decent and there seems to be a steady new supply daily. To be hired there, you fill out the application and send in your writing samples. When first starting, new writers are allowed to write 1 WFH and 2 RSA or RSQ articles at a time. Once those are approved, you can pick up 3 more articles. The turn around for review is about 1 to 2 days. Once you have been there awhile the number of articles you are allowed to write goes up. Once your account has $50.00 in it you are payed through PayPal. I just started ther and so far I like it. It is alot better than Demand Studios, the tech is so much more helpful and answer 10 times more quickly than DS ever did. The topics are better than Textbroker, there are more topics that can easily be written and the pay is better.

EmergingCast has an application also and once approved, you are allowed to write one article. All new writers allowed one to see how you do. After your first article is approved, there is a star system as to how many articles you can pick up at one time. 1 star=10 articles, 2 stars=25, 3 stars=50, 4 stars=100 and 5 stars=unlimited articles. This site has a tone of jobs and you are giving 10 days to complete each article, however they are given 10 days to review each article, the only downside to the review process. The articles are very short, no more than 200 words each. Ther is a form to complete to do the articles. They don’t pay as well, around $2.00 per article, but than again, the word count is 100 to 200 words each, meaning doing 10 or more even in an hour is very possible. The articles are very simple how to’s and they are on topics that you may actually know. They offer writing, translating, voice over and filmaking positions.

Liked it

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