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Understanding The Relationship Between Reading and Writing

The article describes the importance of understanding the relationship between reading and writing for both readers and writers.

How do you understand the relationship between writing and reading?

Readers and writers are two sides of the same coin as they rely on each other for information as well as the provision of it. Writers cannot assume that their intended audience will automatically accept of understand the text or its context. Readers demand that they wish to take a more active role in the literary process. Writing is more complex than placing words idly on a piece of paper. It requires careful consideration to prevent misinterpretation or boredom. Books and other documents are often placed in a context that both the reader and the writer understand as they are usually from the same culture.


Writers need to be aware that the international community will likely view their work from their own political, social, economic, gender and cultural perspective. Readers from similar cultural backgrounds will likely understand the texts without recognising or appreciating the subtleties in them. Theorists such as Jacques Derrida challenged the idea that everything people are taught are right and natural. Writers provide an alternative view that being poor, ignorant, exploited or socially excluded is normal and natural. Humans construct the world to suit them as well as those people who fit the ideal mold. Readers can examine the assumptions that are taken for granted to determine whether or not they are accurate or not.


Perceptions are powerful for both readers and writers as they are used consciously and subconsciously to make sense of the world. Authors frequently write about events that affect them and their readers. Political upheavals provide writers with material that they can use, particularly if they wish to educate the public. Writers need readers to buy their work to survive, while readers need them to create the information that they crave.

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