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Triond Writers! More Than February Challenge

Most, if not all, active Triond members are aware of the February Special. Is that all that is?

The post is my humble service to the rest of the Triond community and also in response to Ventsislay Tsvetkov in his article “Triond – February Special Month for Writing” where he lament there is really nothing special about the February challenge.

Ventsislay, my friend, fret not! 

Every Triond writers will find out sooner or later that the number of friends you have is positively correlated to the readership of your articles. Being “quite” a newbie here, and having read that advice countless times from the veterans, I decided to start making friends as well as read their articles. It is during this period that I chanced upon other challenges that may be worth the rest of our attention. In this manner, I am also doing service to the writers who come up with additional challenges to motivate the rest of us.

All in all, I found four, yes, FOUR other challenges that I would like to share with the rest.

(A) Limerick – Second Free Competition

First up, some of you might have already read my submissions (1, 2, 3) to the “Limerick – Second Free Competition” organized by lxdollarsxl,. The closing date is 12 April 2011, so there is still time remaining. The award is a Seagate portable hard disk drive. If you have not joined, head over to this article and consider. If you do not know what a limerick is, just search on wikipedia. Each one is allowed up to three entries. As you can see, I have already used up my quota. 

(B) Triond Roll Call Contest

This is a roll call for all Triond writers to post a comment. Organized by Nelson Doyle, the prize award is $20/= via paypal. There are already quite a number of comments posted at this article, so if you have not already posted, please make your way there. In addition to the introductory comment, you are required to submit a link to just ONE of your articles for the contest. When you are here, you will notice I have already posted my comment and a link to my article. This contest closes on 22 March 2011 with the payment to be made on 24 March 2011 to the selected winner.

(C) Triond Writing Challenge

This challenge is organized by fellow Triond writer Duff D Moss. For this weekly challenge, a noun and a adjective noun will be given and you are to write an article using these two words. The article may be a poem, a short story, words in a picture or videos. While there are no specific prizes to this weekly challenge, the promise is the winning entry will be posted to the Triond forum as a showpiece to other Triond members. That should increase your standing withint the community and translate to higher earnings. You will probably make more friends too. 

(D) Triond Romance Fiction Writing Contest for fun

This contest also does not offer any prizes save the personal satisfaction of winning. It is organized by Conviron Altatis.  It  started on 30 December 2010 and has closed submission as of 13 Feb 2011. As the article has no comments, I do wonder if there were any participation.

So there you have it, besides Triond’s special, contest and challenges are alive within the community. You may be wondering why am I so generous and gracious to let everyone knows about these contests?

Well, for one, it would be a letdown if the efforts of these individuals are not made known to a wider audience.

Secondly, and more importantly, online writers should support and encourage each other. That includes sharing good stuff.  No man is an island.

So please support them to your own benefit too.

8-) sgkeat

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