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Triond Writers Can Make Money Doing What They Love: Writing

Its true, if you wish to write online and get paid for it, you can. Sign up for Triond today and start seeing the revenue!!

I am a writer. At least I think I am and that was enough to get me researching all the ways I could write and make money doing it–yes, I write, but getting paid for it? Two very different worlds if you are just starting out; or so I thought.

Obviously the Internet is a large source for everything you have ever wanted to know, including how to make money writing online.

You may have even researched it already:

How to write online

How to make money writing online

Online writing

Online writing for money

The best way to make money online

Get paid to write

Get paid to write online

I started with Triond at the end of last month and did not go into this with incredibly high hopes. I am an artist after all, and I simply want to write. BUT, I have bills to pay and other things I’d like to buy. Earning money writing online is a great way to pay the bills and do what you love and Triond lets you do this.

I am happy to report that I have received my first paycheck from Triond. I won’t share here how much it was–I started at the end of last month so it wasn’t a big check. BUT, you can get paid; you can share your writings with the world and make money doing it–online.

My short list of how to make money writing online:

Research more than just one writing site to find your best fit

Research how to optimize your product once you’ve been published

Remember to produce quality content

Spend time self promoting yourself–daily

The above only highlights what you need to do to make it in the online writing world. And I may share more of my tips in a future article. This piece was just meant to tell you that it is true, you can get paid and if you are a Triond writer who has been published, you know this. I am happy to be among the lucky ones to have earned a paycheck. Thank you!!

If you are thinking of joining a “get paid to write site” and you are still just getting your feet wet, try Triond today: Join Triond!!

Just remember to do your homework because when it comes to what you need to know to be a successful online writer I can guarantee you just one thing: You may never know it all, but if you don’t do your homework you will fail before you even start.

Good luck to all of you veteran writers and all of you who wish to live your dream. I’m doing it and so can you!!

Sign up for Triond today

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Another important tip is to make friends and be genuine in your interactions with others:

A Writer’s Tribute

And one last, most important thing: Thank you to all who are reading me. My fan list may be small at the moment but without you I wouldn’t get to do what I love: Write!! Thanks again!!!

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