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Triond Success: First Payment Received!

Documenting Triond Success Story!

As a writer (or just anyone with goals), it feels great to be able to share a success story. As an inspiring writer (or someone trying to achieve goals) – it can be extremely motivational to read a success story. Today, I received my first Triond payment. It was very high (of course) because it was the first payment I’ve ever received from the site and I was not trying very hard when I started out on the website. However, money is money regardless of where it comes from. It also reassured me that the website does pay in a very timely fashion on the tenth of every month.

Anyone who has been hesitant in giving Triond a try – or anyone who has an account but has not been actively using it…. You really should get back into the website. For whatever reason, the views on the website have increased a ton over the last week. The last two days – I’ve been getting 500+ views on my 80 articles. Given, most of these views are coming to three-four of my articles.

I was asked the other day: How are you doing it? I have x amount of articles and I’m not getting any views!  I have discovered that I have my friends/fans on Triond to thank for my success. I have a rather large number of friends/fans on the website. I make an effort to leave comments all over the place on the website on a daily basis. My friends/fans on the website almost always return the favor. I’ve found the trick to getting lots of views is branching out and networking on the website. You are not going to get a lot of views if you just upload your articles and leave them to rot. I also upload my articles to several social bookmarking websites which seems to have helped a little.

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