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Triond Readership Increasing?

Is anyone noticing that readership of authors’ articles seems to be increasing?

Well, I cannot say that at last I have enough earnings from Triond to go to Hawaii, but there seems to be something very good happening to the readership. 

Is anyone else having the same experience? Some recent Triond articles of mine have tossed me over the two hundred readers for the day mark, by far, (total, not each) and it is so nice to see it.

I have not noticed a difference in the Triond ads, but perhaps someone else knows why the increase in Triond Article readership. Another Triond author wrote an article back at the beginning of December about the same increase in article views. 

Is this making a difference in Triond earnings? It certainly is for me. I am not a high earner, and do not promote my own Triond articles through links (I know, I know…) so my earnings have always been pretty uh, shall we say “skimpy”? Well, I am not saying they are not still skimpy, but there is “skimpy”, “skimpier” and “skimpiest”. I believe I am now off the bottom of the pond. I think I held the lowest earnings of anyone, but I have no way of knowing. 

I would very much appreciate feedback from anyone who has noticed any movement (or no movement) to see if it is just me (highly unlikely), or whether we are all enjoying some kind of increase in views – better known as Triond Magic.

Perhaps the Triond staff have been hard at work behind the scenes to bring us all a holiday gift. Bringing the Triond website to the top rankings of writers’ websites would be the best present of all!

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