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Triond Miss Me!

Lately I did not publish anything in Triond. I was starting to think no one noticed my disappearance, but today I got an email from Triond! It turns out they miss me!

Lately I did not publish anything in Triond. Actually the last time I published anything here was in Aug 16 when I published my article about the anti-smoking ads, which was, to be honest, more of a way to get a backlink to my anti-smoking len then a real article.

I could say that the reason why I did not write anything in Triond is because they stole 3 of my articles (they published them but not under my account) and ignore my queries in this subject. I could say that Triond reduction in payment and traffic made me want to leave. I could even say that I have a lot to do and barely any free time. It is all correct, but it is all false reasons.

The truth is that I just feel that I lost it. Triond was my online home. It was the first time I ever publish my work to strangers, and it was great. I was never in it for the money, I enjoyed being able to express myself and get meaningful comments from interesting people that had a lot to teach me. I enjoyed reading great articles and learn a lot of new things I have no idea on. Yet, now it is gone. Most of my Triond friends left to other communities or left the online world. The rest gave up to the “I will view yours and you will view mine” idea. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against co-reading. I have a problem when instead of readers we get viewers, people that do not care what you wrote and do not bother reading your work. They just publish a meaningless comment so you will know they were on your article and you will return a favor.

So I lost it. I lost the drive to write. I actually lost it a long time ago and just forced myself to publish here and there. I forced myself to keep on believing in Triond, till I could not any more. Then I was introduced to Squidoo that do a good job in motivating their writers by having a great community and a caring owns (I still did not get a cent from them, and yet I just want to write more and more).

Motivation is everything in life (image source: wikipedia)

Yet, writing to Squidoo does not feel the same. I still miss Triond and want to come back “home”, I just need a motivation. And it seems that Triond understand it since in the last week it seems they are making steps (small ones, but still) in the right directions.

Lately Triond started to clean some of the spam articles that reduce its rank to an almost non-existing one. And I can see that by the fact that my Google traffic increase a little. The payoff is still decreasing, but I hope this will change soon as well.

And today I got an email from Triond saying they miss me:

“Howdy stranger! We notice it’s been a few weeks since you last submitted content for publication. We’re here to help you gain readership and revenues for your work. We value your relationship with us and want to help you to succeed! The first step is to keep up the good work and submit an article today.

If you’re having trouble getting started, don’t be afraid to try something new and consider writing about something completely different. If you can write it, we’ve got a place for it.

We’re always here to help with any problem or address any concern you may have. We hope to see you submitting more articles sometime soon!

Happy publishing!
The Triond Team”

I am aware of the fact this is an automatic email. Yet, it seems thy started to understand they need to keep their writers and motivate them – a step in the right direction. Now they just need to start taking our comments and queries a little more seriously, and we might even restore Triond to its good old days again.

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