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Triond FAQ – Online Money Making Method FAQ – Information About Triond

FAQ about Triond, if you don’t know what Triond is or if you have doubts or concerns about this online money making method, check this article out!.

Triond FAQ – Online Money Making Method FAQ

 In a few words,Triond is a unique publishing platform that makes money from user generated content, this money is generated by the adds displayed next to the articles created by the writers, Triond splits these earnings 50/50 with its writers.

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Now if you’ve already joined Triond this FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) might be of use to you.

  1. Question – How do i make money with Triond?. – Answer: As stated above, Triond will share the generated revenue of the adds displayed within your articles 50/50.
  2. Question – What are the payments options of Triond? – Answer: Triond Pays via PayPal or Check, in order to cash out with Paypal you need to have at least $00.50 Dollars in your account, if you’d like to receive your payments via mail-Check you need to have at least $50.00 Dollars in your account.
  3. Question – When will Triond send my Payment? – Answer: Triond pays the 10th of every month, Triond will send you your money earned in this month the 10th of the next month, i.e: if you make $40 Dollars in June, Triond will send you those $40 Dollars on July the 10th.
  4. Question – How are my earnings calculated? – Answer: There’s no info about this, but your earnings may vary, i’ve been writing for Triond for over a year now and i’ve found out that the average earnings ratio here is 1:10, meaning 1 Cent every 10 views, sometimes you might earn more and sometimes you might earn less, poetry, creative writing and images will earn you very low.
  5. Question – Can i integrate Google AdSense with Triond? – Answer: Yes you can after you’ve received your first payment from Triond, however it is not recommended to add AdSense to your Account until you manage to get at least 100 or 200 views a day, otherwise you’ll see very little earnings.
  6. Question – Does Google AdSense integration reduces my income from Triond? – Answer: Yes and No, Google AdSense Adds replace some of the Yahoo adds and chitika adds displayed next to your articles, however i’ve found out that i make more money with Google AdSense, so in one way you’ll see your Triond earnings decrease a little bit but you’ll see your Google AdSense earnings increase almost by x2.
  7. Question – How long does it takes for my articles to be published? – Answer: It can take from 30 Seconds to Hours, normally if after a day your article hasn’t been published, rejected or sent to review, you might want to re-submit it.
  8. Question – Why are my earnings not updating?, i have hundreds of views but not income yet – Answer: Your earnings along with your badges are updated every 24 hours, so if you don’t see your earnings try again tomorrow.

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