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Trials and Tribulations on Triond Again

I’ve typed an article, clicked on the category I expect it to to and Triond, in their wisdom have chosen to ignore this totally and gone for one that I certainly wouldn’t have expected!

I’m slowly beginning to believe that Triond is run either by lesser primates or by humans that find it amusing to wind up their writers!  I would even go so far as to say Triond would probably work far more efficiently if it was run either by chimps or lunatics released from the asylum.

Why is it that no matter what category I choose from the list which I’m offered prior to publishing, my articles 99% of the time end up somewhere completely different?  So some of my jottings could fall into one or two other categories but, on the whole, I think I’m pretty close in my initial choice.

I know I’ve stated this so many times in the past but it’s really beginning to pee me off now!  At least when we had the flagging system it not only gave me the option of asking for the article to be relocated on my “contents” page, but it also gave readers the chance to suggest an alternative and that seemed to work pretty well – I almost always got my work relocated within 24 hours.

One or two of my friends may have noticed that I published an article on the disgusting habit of eating at your keyboard.  I initially asked for it to be put under Health and it came back as having been placed on the Computersight site.  I asked for it to be relocated to Health and my request was declined.  I thought, as it related to a news item I’d recently read in the UK media. I’d ask for it to be relocated there, but once again my request was declined.

I’m now stuck with this article in a category that very few of my friends would even think about finding work. In fact, over the last two or three days, while all my other articles are doing really well, this particular article has netted me just 30 views!!

I’ve now posted my problem on Get Satisfaction just HOPING that someone will actually look at it and get it put somewhere even remotely close to what the article is about.  If that doesn’t work then all I can do is delete it, change the wording and hopefully it’ll be placed in a more appropriate section where my usual readers can find it!!!

I’m not actually holding my breath on awaiting a response from Triond bearing in mind my last suggestion was eventually removed as it was considered “defamatory”.  All I’d suggested was that since the flagging system had disappeared we were in a situation where we were overrun with gibberish, short, bad quality articles and a mass of plagiarism and how, due to that situation, some of the better writers who put effort into research, spelling, grammar etc were losing out big time as Triond no longer seemed to rank very highly with search engines!!!  I can’t see there’s anything defamatory in that bearing in mind that well over half the steadfast Old Triondians totally agree with me and have stated this in some of their “let off steam” and “get it off your chest” rantings that have recently been published.

I’m just wondering where this article is going to end up.  I’ve tried to get it onto “Writing” but, once again, I’m not banking on it.  It’ll probably end up in Notecook or Travel and, in fact I’m half expecting it to be declined as it’s defamatory.

Vive la revolution I say!!!!

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3 Responses to “Trials and Tribulations on Triond Again”
  • jennifer eiffel01
    February 7th, 2013 at 6:51 am

    I have recipes posted in business! I never wrote them. I Just figure I will let thrm go. I get at least almost two dollars a month so it is more than I had before the month started.ccreely@foley I try not to get mad at anything or else it stresses me out and i get a lot of stress headaches. I have a thing i learned. I have a teflon mind. ANythng bad that happens to me or i hear on the news i let it slip on my mind like a pece of food slides out ofa Teflon pan. It makes me a veryhappy person. Eveny doctor said that i appear to be a very happy person!

  • thestickman
    February 7th, 2013 at 2:54 pm

    Happens all too often. I think they (Triond) stack the deck to favor certain sites where aggregate data suggests that advertisers are spending more for spot-hostiing. In short, -they are ’stuffing’ articles where the advertiser dollars are… (not that is is much, but more than on the preferred venue/site)

  • Arthur Chappell
    February 26th, 2013 at 4:44 am

    yeah I get several features in the wrong pages and categories too – this one at least found its rightful home

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