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The Triond Ultimate Success Formula..

Ever wondered how you in the next 24 hours could be making BIG money on Triond? Well let me introduce the Triond formula for success, and I ask beseechingly that after you’ve read this you leave a comment and set forth your quest to fame and fortune…

Triond is an amazing opportunity for all writer’s of any age to come forth and begin their journey to making some decent cash! One of the most important things I learned about Triond though, is that when you’re writing you should always really do it for fun than for a living! If you do it for a living that’s exactly what you’ll get, just a living! But if you do it for fun what do you get? A living and a source of having fun at the same time! This is simple stuff guys which if you don’t know already, well it’s a good job you came across this guide! 

Okay so I’m not going to go and tell you some rubbish about adding friends for more cash, because in all fairness you can have as many friends as you want on Triond and if you use them for more money they aren’t really your friends are they? They’re just people who boost your promotion by commenting on your work, and still you wonder why you get a lot of comments but not a lot of views…

The secret to friendship is to treat the people you want to be friends with… as friends! So if you go out now to the Triond community, and then make decent friends with over 20 people you’ll soar through this place like a meteor! Remember I don’t mean make a fake relationship with them that lasts a day, I mean a real relationship were both you are your friend collaborate with each other to help one and other out! If you do this you’re already half way through the formula! 

Another part to formula is that you must now with your friends dominate the writing world! How many times must Mnofdichotomy say it before we realise that Triond is a publishing site not a writing site? You can write the best stuff in the world, and then not receive more than 2000 views per year! So what I say for you to do is this… Write at least 10 articles a day on the same topic! When you do this, your name becomes more recognisable to that kind of topic! For example you go into the topic of gaming, then you end up writing let’s say 20 articles on that topic. Guess what? People who read about gaming now know your name from all your articles! People remember names for what they’ve accomplished! 

So here is what I want you to sdo today, and it will really change your Trionding life forever! Use the formula you’ve learned within this guide, and tell me how much you’ve improved! I’ll be releasing another guide in a few minutes which contains some more formulaic stratagies for ultimate success on triond! 

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