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The Artist’s Way Week #8

I had a major breakthrough this week. I am excited to get back to editing (or re-writing) my novel.

Week 8: Recovering a Sense of Strength


The first set of questions asked here referred to what in our past may have us blocked today. In other words, what negative memories from family, friends and teachers discouraged us from following our dream? These play a part in our early conditioning. Were we told we were no good at what we did? Were we told that art doesn’t sell? Were we told our work wasn’t promising or that we didn’t have the talent?


In examining the questions pertaining to this theory, I came up empty. I was not drawn to writing as a child. I loved to read, yes. But writing was not something I came to until later on. I had no one encourage or discourage me. This task had no affect on me, but I am sure it is pertinent to a lot of people and the affect on their creative blocks.


Also, in order to achieve our goals we must work on our goals. In order to sell a screenplay you have to write one. In order to write one you must come up with the idea and then commit it to paper, one page at a time. The work will not happen by itself.


We were asked to examine our goals and what we had to do in order to achieve them. This is where my major breakthrough came for me this week. Obviously, I have to put my butt in the chair and do the work. One of my blocks has been in the area of a sub-plot for my story. My story is too short and I was asked if I had a sub-plot. The answer was no. I tried to work on one and a fellow author told me it sounded just like filler and that I shouldn’t attempt a sub-plot.


In examining what I had to do to achieve my goals I found myself writing ideas for the sub-plot. I came up with thoughts for different scenes to be weaved into my story. I am very excited about this and anxious to get back to writing. Unfortunately I have not done this because, well, the kids are home on Christmas break and I don’t have the house to myself. This may be an excuse but it is also reality. I cannot focus with all the hub-bub going on in this household right now. This led me to the decision that I must get my house in order, relieve the stress and fill our home with love and fun again.


There are other parts of my story that have held me back and I know where to work on them now, just not sure about the how.


Getting back to the childhood question, though I may not have been bitten by the writing bug yet, as the youngest of five I did feel I was not encouraged or DIS-couraged to do anything. I was left on my own. Television, baby dolls and Barbies were my source of entertainment – all creative outlets by the way. I was asked to describe how I would have like to have been nurtured. Instead I wrote about how I nurture my own children because I am very supportive and encouraging in everything they do. I have exposed them to different activities (not all at once) and they have chosen the ones they like the best and stuck with them. I have been there encouraging them on every step of the way.


I explored other things I would like to do and what prevents me from doing them. Do they cost money? Are they expensive? Can I do them alone or with somebody? Are they job related? Is there a physical risk? Fast-paced or slow? Mind, body or spiritual? The end result here is to stop making excuses. If none of the above questions can be answered in a way that prevents you from doing any of the things you want to do, then you have no excuse.


As someone in our group pointed out en-COURAGE and dis-COURAGE are connected to bravery and strength. Having been discouraged we have been depleted of our bravery and strength to continue on. Find a group of encouraging friends to help give you the strength to achieve your goals.




I can and will finish writing my novel.


I deserve to live an exciting life.


I am more creative in a happy space.


I can get my house in order.


Make no excuses. Do what you want.

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3 Responses to “The Artist’s Way Week #8”
  • Sonja
    January 8th, 2012 at 7:57 pm

    Great article Patricia! I liked your comment pointing out encourage and discourage in relation to bravery and strength which is what chapter 8 is about – recovering a sense of strength.

    Fabulous affirmations as well. My favourite was “I am more creative in a happy space.” To me that opens up joy to come into your life. Keep writing! Cheers! :-)

  • vickylass
    January 15th, 2012 at 2:02 pm

    I was told that I had to work while single (which I did) and marry. Ha, ha, ha. This is a good one. Thanks for sharing.

  • Margaret Boseroy
    February 6th, 2012 at 3:23 am

    I find it helpful to meet with at least one other creative person on a regular basis for the purpose of working on our respective projects. This lessens the likelihood of being pulled away by distractions.

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