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Taking Sides, Good or Bad? Can People be Unbiased and Take Sides of Justice?

Whenever there is an argument or a debate or a disagreement or an issue or a problem we always take sides. We take a side for various reasons such as selfishness, unwilling to admit the mistakes and to support our dear ones or things we love very much. Can’t we ever be open minded and take sides of justice? Please keep reading……

Should we have to pick sides? We start taking sides right from our childhood. We believe our religion is the best and we think that we live in the best country in the world. We take sides on caste, race, languages, political leaders, celebrities, sport personalities and so on. If you ask people who is the best male pop singer of all time, some may take sides on Michael Jackson, some may take sides on Elvis Presley and so on. We even take sides on the on line writing sites. We take sides on even Triond writers. But do we ever admit that?

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Advantages and disadvantages of taking sides: It’s good to take sides of justice as it would bring good results. Choosing sides for justice and truth is good. If you are biased and take sides, it’s not good at all. However this is what happening most times in all matters. I have seen people so selfish that they take sides of injustice.

Can people ever be open minded? All people are biased and take sides on many matters. This choosing sides is responsible for the many bad things we have today. The rich and poor differences, white and black differences, unjust wars between countries, religions based disputes and gender difference are the bad results caused because some biased people took sides on these matters. Can people ever be open minded? I wonder things would be much better if people are open minded and take sides of justice.

Height of injustice: Man is after all a social animal who once had lived in groups, so choosing sides is inherent in man. You can take sides on small matters that don’t affect the society or people much. However there are issues and problems that are big and people should never take sides on them biased. Taking sides on race, corrupted politicians and sensitive religious matters should never be encouraged. These things would lead to big destruction to society, people and even to the world.

Summary: Choosing sides of justice is always good. Taking sides on small matters is acceptable. However taking sides biased on critical issues is dangerous. We should learn not to take sides on these matters and stand by justice. Thanks for reading.

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