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Tag and Tagging for Articles is No Longer a Problem

Thinking and looking Tags for articles are no longer a problem now. I just discovered this method from a publishing site that pays too. And for the past three months – I am already applying what I have found. Traffic and views are flowing down like water on my article pages, in spite I do not write often for my online hobby which is blog and blogging.

Of course, writers should work their best to produce best, inspiring and with relevant contents on every article they would write. They would write articles not only for the search engines optimization but mainly for the readers too. There are many types of surfers or readers from around the globe – who are surfing the Internet the rest of the day and during their spare time. Some of them are surfers who are looking the following:

Looking for virtual friends: men looking for the same sexuality, women looking for men vice versa, women looking for the same sexuality and men and Women looking for life time partners.

Looking for new products: Gold and Jewelries and other accessories, Men shoes, clothes and other accessories, Women shoes, clothes and other accessories, Beauty products for men and women, Electronic and other mechanical products, Agricultural and aquatic products.

Other products, stories, world events, etc: Educational materials, Movies and music, Personalities and Celebrity gossips, People and political issues, Money online, networking, websites, blog site, Product reviews and online sales, News and people stories, and other things important to human beings.

Those things I mentioned above are only some of what the readers are looking for when surfing the Internet. If a writer has written some of the subjects I mentioned above with the help of search engines a searcher would find them.

If you will examine the context of this article – you can find some keywords either non-competitive keywords or competitive keywords that could be used as tags for this article. Normally, we are told that tags to be used for an article should tell and describe about what you have written especially about the subject. As I said on my summary that to look for tags for our articles is no longer a problem. What you would need here is – just write your article, polish it and see to it that it answers the 5Ws. And to tag it, let the spiders first crawl it down to look for the relevant contents on your article and use them as your tags.

Below are steps how to get those tags from your article done by spiders.

  • Aim to write article with good title and relevant contents
  • Polish the article for layout, grammar and other spelling errors
  • Send your article to preview status
  • Let crawlers and other spiders crawl them down
  • And then note down the keywords that spiders have considered them relevant
  • Use them now as your tags for your article
  • And submit your article for publication

The website I used for this discovery is ExpertsColumn. The site editor has a preview section. Before I submit my article for publication first I have to see the preview. During the preview, I found that there are words and word phrases on the article that have changed its color to green and when the cursor pointed it – I was re directed to a page outside ExpertsColumn. So, I immediately considered those words that were crawled down by spiders as relevant contents found on my article. And I used them as my article tags as per the above screen shot. For three months now I am using this technique. And I am no longer looking what tags I should use for my article.

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