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Step-by-step Guide on Writing Articles

This is a guide to help you in article writing, especially here at Triond. Read on to find out more about this guide on writing articles.

Below are ten brief summaries, ten step by step guide on writing articles.

1.    Research. This is basically the first step to begin with in searching for what you will write about. Research on your topic by utilizing the internet, academic databases and library. Jot down notes and make yourself an expert.

2.    Analysis. Now that you have a well-researched topic, you can now begin to analyze the arguments or topics of what you’re reading. Clearly define the claims, write out the reasons and evidences. Also, look out for strength and weaknesses of logic. Learning how to write begins by learning to analyze other articles written by others.

3.    Brainstorming. In writing article, don’t always mimic the idea of your source. Give insights of your own, with your own unique brilliance and style. Ask yourself some questions related to the topic and answer them with your original insights.

4.    Thesis. After brainstorming, pick you best idea and focus on it. Write your entire essay around that chosen idea/s. The thesis is the main point, summed up in a concise sentence. This lets your readers know what you want them to know.

5.    Outline. Before writing your paragraphs, use some short sentences to describe and introduce paragraphs. Bullet important points to describe what your paragraphs will contain.

6.    Title and Introduction. This two are probably the most important elements in your article. Your title should be brief, concise, and catchy. The same goes for your introduction. It should set up the issue and lead into your thesis. Remember that, especially the title, these will make up the readers’ minds about whether or not to read your articles by just glancing at the title alone.

7.    Paragraph. After the title and introduction, it’s time for writing the paragraphs. Your paragraphs should be focused on a single idea which supports your thesis. Remember the proper outline in writing paragraphs. Explain your ideas and/or arguments in the clearest, most sensible way possible. Write as if you’re talking to a person in front of you.

8.    Conclusion. Many beginners neglect the importance of ending an article properly. Remember that your article has to have a good conclusion to leave good impressions to your readers. Gracefully exit your article by making a quick wrap-up sentence, a brief summary, a memorable thought,  a quotation, or interesting twist of logics, mentioning jokes, and many more.

9.    MLA (Modern Language Association) Style. Your work must follow the correct MLA guidelines for citation. All borrowed ideas, arguments, quotations, sentences, etc in your article should have proper citations on the original author. You don’t want to be accused of as a plagiariser.

10. Language. After you have finished writing your article, remember to polished everything from language, grammars, sentence flows, rhythms, emphasis, etc. As much as possible, do not leave “mispelled” words or “pourly wordedd phrazes”

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