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So Sorry and Annoyed with Triond!

Shouldn’t they look after these matters that can only benefit their business?

Well, Margaret, you’ll have to wait till I’m able to open that site and to enjoy with your delightful girl! I was also interested in knowing what Christina wrote on this such a day, but no way!

I couldn’t even open the sites where my articles have just been published to see if I’ve some gross misspelling on them despite their spell checker and my countless dictionaries, but no way!

I’m quite a peaceful and patient person, but when I lose my patience and I get in a mood, those who are near me should better go apart from me. It is when all the four letters I know in English and the five ones in Spanish can go out of my mouth.

I can’t be my Internet connexion, because I’ve already read on a handful of newspapers. I’ve logged on my countless job sites to see if there was something for me that I can call a decent job with an equally decent salary. I’ve also emailed some friends to know how they’re getting on on such this day!

I’ve even written a bit and, oh, heavens!, I’ve been able to shared them on several social networks!

But not a sight of my stuff and others’s.

Of course, I’ve already contacted Get Satisfaction to see if I get any of it.

We’ll see what unfolds as the day progresses. Actually, it has started dull and miserable, but right now there’s lovely sunshine outside. I think I switch off and go for a stroll with my sling and all in the hope that Triond will let me read what I wrote or what others shared with me. It can only be good for us and for them to look after their equipment. 

Cheerio, folks!

(c) copyright. vicky Pino. December 21st., 2012. 

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