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The smart power equation: a commentary
Just a couple of days ago, I was trying to feed my nasty of habit of a book a week. The 48 laws of power by Robert Greene held some sway with me ,so after covering the book from end to end ,seven laws caught my significant eye for one simple reason they are in effect …irreversible .sounds like something from the laws of thermodynamics. So with a little brush and fresh pair of eyes …I took a second look at those anomalies bearing a strictly linear lifespan.
For perspective in details, let me refresh for emphasis and reference…brush up time!
1. So much depends on reputation (law 5).
2. Infection: Avoid the unhappy and unlucky (law 10).
3. Re-create yourself (law 25).
4. Plan all way to the end (law 29).
5. Master the art of timing (law 35).
6. Create compelling spectacles (law 37).
7. Work on the heart and mind of others (law 43).
The key elements in every one of these laws are Time, Opportunity, Determination and Creativity. Time is the most powerful of all the properties of the irreversible, creativity is the most adaptability quality, though intrinsic, it must be developed. Determination and opportunity are linked to each other and create either each other by the sheer gravity of their presence at any point in time and their super chemistry enables approach…the door swings both ways. Everyone can sense emotional commitment a mile away, a balanced emotional dedication drive bring quality data rate of development. Development releases opportunity…….
I am just blowing hot air also laying foundation for tactical approach to understanding the conceptual detail of a smart power whose equations are based on linear ,pre-defined and simple building blocks of needs…. Reflections are the core of humanity and something we need on a daily center. Just as stephen covey put it in his seven habits book…”begin with the end in mind “…I dare to add “always “.

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Worlds apart?
Have you ever thought about the cost being caught in two places? Between an immovable power and an unstoppable might, everything you have learnt in business school, the streets and four walls of your first republic (….your home) is throw of the window like it is infected. Stop and rewind: Does anyone really pay for the deeds past, stupid or the downright crazy…the stats say yes but people tend to disagree and that depends where you live. I had plenty of time to reflect on what…and it driving me crazy. Everybody I know seem to be talking about the laws….karma and stuff yet they ignore what it gets complicated and I mean complicated them are parts of the cast…fulfilling the Shakespearian prophesy.
When something happens, first look for the why…I was reading excerpts from the freakmonics that dramatic effects have subtle and remote causes which I find fascinating, slow build up of anything have has a chance that why ‘the house always wins’. Business, development and relationships all have something in common they need some level of marketing to survive ,it is a basic skill ,a keenly over looked battle tool. Once you are selling something you must market whether it is emotion, commodity, products, resources or ideas.
I had this eureka moment when trying budgeting and balancing my account and my life…then it hit and me, and I began to understand the concept that thinkers simplify and generalize the reach of the model, all the famous thinkers have broken down the DNA of the complex and there lies the rub.

Freshly mint?
Are leaders born or are they made…opening theme during my very first management class. Pregnant with meaning but it required a quick fix in order to divide the class into portions, you are either made or born but isn’t born not another type of made, really …maybe in its purest, sound elitist and probably is.
Learning is endlessly malleable process you become what you think and do…my point has is about choice, choice determine the extent of your abilities and quality of your approach…everyone is searching for a leader but no one want to be one because it’s too autocratic, leadership cannot be a democracy …power must always remain at the centre and for good reason…as a leader you must be ruthless about something ,it adds to the myth and class battles you must fight to be established…like me am ruthless about detail and we all know where the devil is…fine print!.
What is really important the study of people or the study of machines? Sound like a trick question …but am leaning towards to the machines. My reasons…..Focus on the trends in terms of everything, who gets the most attention?

Who is increasingly dominating prime time hour with their feed, who is taking big bites of the best rated work? Anything machine-related…automation and convergence is becoming an everyday thing…gated communities are spring up, e-culture is changing our first impressions and virtual worlds like second life are holding court ….and me, am following them….

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Making the cut…
How much of your self can you give… to twist history in her tracks and become a living legend with no pension? Thoughtful moments of great blitz punch the very air you breathe with the necessary gusto…dumb choices are reality of life and I have got the tabs to prove ,only in been so human can we find our humanity ,locked in. Getting the most of life is clearly…A dumb plan, everybody wants a piece of you whether you are game or not.
Politics is a beautiful things in the hands of amateurs….simple and too idealistic, the world is full of them… mapped in the DNA .Most people have a taste of their first republic … in gated communities and family-like structures, we experience the best of both worlds, the democratic and the autocratic… so what is all this talk about.
I have been reading of yards of paper length; biography and trying to uncover my true self, find a purpose and explain the world in three words but am bothered by the why; why are we never satisfied the last bus stop, last week news or even yesterday’s pay slip. The hunger for change …
Cracking the money code…
Obsessed with the concept of wealth is a very human, the clink in the amour, the bang theory of everything …and some reason has to have a code ,a rule ,a method to the madness …something to wrap my mind around .The concept is what drive the question ….the hidden side of wealth. We must remember that Incentives are inevitable a part of modern life and conventional wisdom is tougher than balancing the budget but are relatively easy to grasp. Studying the inverse dilemma, changing your shoes, trying out a negativity fast always helps in most situations …but this is money we talking about, so simple its manufacture it is called dough…all dough have a basic recipe. Then something struck me in the face…money is what every you think it is…pancakes, cake, buns, bread or pasta. My personal rule for making more than enough, is to simplify then generalize ……six words or less.
The first laws of making money think: Refine and duplicate.
The second law of making money wonder: Diversify and go deep, then specialize.
The third laws of making money ponder: learn to give back.
Remember that money is a tool and a master…but it’s bounded by rules of a building, one brick at a time.

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Finding the edge …
Looking for tough questions to break down and decipher, is an art on its own, clinical mix of thinking backwards and looking forward with cautious optimism…one must remember that making a shopping list, dressing up, cooking a meal, balancing your budget, solving a problem involving stupid numbers, listening to music, reading an engaging novel, understanding the harmony of theater and passion of drama…explains a lot about our thinking habits and the why…the question that burns in our mind.
Lack of Improvisation and adaption are core weaknesses of a monotonous and closed mind, the ability to dig deeper is a big ask …it is safer to stand still, feel the pain. What makes other people push themselves further to places people have never been …seven words: Legacy and the glory of the tale. Every great competitor in business, sport, entertainment, art and science…it is will and hunger that creates the difference changes the story and makes it more special…..
My world, your reality….
I have been loading up on essential reading and little homemade chemistry experiments on the toxicity of personality traits, I even try to engage a class of masters of psychology for the purpose of unraveling everything unique about been different,uptight,aloof,nuts and infectious. Why is Nelson Mandela considered a tin god, why is Wole Soyinka looked at as an enigma ….why is Curtis Jackson is the best thing since toasted bread, why George W Bush make you wonder about chance and concepts of power ….take nothing away from them they were all candidates for opportunity and venture, and they chose to shape the world in their own image….and that’s smack of authority and reasonability.

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The ember projects: Thinking of the winning design.
I always thought about the best out of life and create an intrinsically soulful life so I started digging the memoirs section, biography dishes, articles, mentors, Oscar winning dramas, Emmy winning drama series and super tips. So in order to make my life fuller I put together all I have learnt and experienced in meal pieces of educated history.
Having a truly workable five year plan is as important as the first moonwalk it is something for the ages, your history…putting deadlines are effective are markers and salient benchmarks, it tells you where to the victory notches and balance your losses. Always use the principle of the crayon, one of Peter lynch’s favorites, “never invest in an idea that you can’t illustrate with a crayon“….the core of the bottom line.
A 5 year plan could be mixed up as training regime in which an evaluation of your performance is define by your matches’ haul .You need a one or two free days per week…a great time to blend method and moments in automatic. One session tailored specifically to the individual….discover your weakness in Technicolor and works it out, find out what you are cut out for. The remainder is spent on mini-matches, tactics and physical works …giving as much as you get, staying focus within your powers of concentration and how far outside the box you can think and work.
Throughout my study of super cool art of management…I came across a citation that radiated an eureka moment with clarity and volume, it reads “With credibility, everything else follow .Be ruthless about one thing not everything “.

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The ember projects: standing out from the crowd.
Specialize and diversity…This is a tried and trusted strategy of economic of scale that Adam smith would be proud of, it take into consideration the power of the inverse square law and its ability to make use of pure quantity…only when you make something better, can you make it plenty .Always tried to appeal to the commonest denominator then reproduce the formula with persistence and finesse.
Strive for balance …This is looks tougher than it seems; you must separate the important form the necessary which would require you to assign the import and consider its position on the value chain.
Set the markers and make the juice …True measurement of success is set the blot, create the blueprint be resource-critical and people -centric. Think outside the box and lead with a creative imperative to deliver the best results, all times, every time….the truly creative person would like to be paid for work they will rather do for free so competition is the beauty they seek and in large quantities.
Search for small breaks….Be pragmatic and have a thirst for cracks and opportunities.
Never fear failure….always see failure as a pipe dream residue, a broken clockwork something that reminds you that you must something special and extra.
Give others credit ….everybody loves some level of acknowledge, for defending the turf, making the hidden plays and crossing the T s and dotting the I s, it’s good for team spirit.
Power often lies in details…The devil is in the detail, the powerful effort
Potent people are the best networkers…a testament of an intoxicating resolve, an inert measure of their potential to connect across the board.
Build credibility on the outside …Reputation does half the job, the rest are fall in place. The image is the clear context winner …puts in the limelight for a fraction of eternity, sometimes that all you will need.
People can sense emotional commitment …This is one of my most favourite quote; people can actually smell the hunger for self actualization and the gift of the hustle. They always feel it in their bones and mind, it like an itch they can’t scratch…. Remember that a wise leader plans success and mastering speed is the essential of war.
Accumulate the small wins, favour owned chits are like banks…this certainly speak for itself, it has the hallmarks of an economic law with its consistent message to produce something of worth over time. Everything has a price whether small or great, it is from there you put things together of value, resource and influence.

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The ember projects: the fundamentals of office politics…basket ball analogy: A Second look
Baruch’s observation: If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
Get to know the teammates…understanding what makes the bomb tick is critical.
Don’t be a ball hog: learn how to pass…everybody loves a chance at glory, so pass the damn ball.
Help our teammates up after a drive to the hoop…teamwork solve a lot of problems.
Scout out your opposition….straight from the annals of Sun Tzu himself; “know yourself and thy enemy and in a thousand battles you shall not suffer peril“.
Buildup your free throws…
Seek out a veteran to mentor you…this kind of straightforward, don’t you think …when the student is ready, the master will come.
Don’t turn the ball over ….concentrate on keeping it together and maintaining the edge.
Play hard for all the quarters even in garbage time….everybody loves a hustler, smart hustlers are the cream of the coop.
Be a floor general…learn to lead, if leadership is to matter it must come when it matters most.
Act like you’ve been there before…confidence is always at a premium, use it.
Do post game interviews…document your game?
Shake hands at the end of the game…keep your eyes on your legacy.

The ember projects: my five laws of building wealth.
Following the Apple plan: Invest heavily in research and development, spend some time learning about the customers of your weakest competitor, identify your most critical and think carefully about your talent needs.
Laying the blueprint for niche power play: consolidating critical mass and harnessing better economies of scale, channel resource –centric capability, create critical specific and virtual teams…always aim for 25%-40%of a niche market ,”define and dominate ” that ‘s the secret sauce. Aggressive investment in stock options, bonds and skills definitely makes good business sense.
Employing the method of the bargain: try to separate the people form the problem, focus on the interest and not positions, invest options for mutual gain and insist on using objective criteria to evaluate situations.
Always use the rule of 72: To estimate how your investment will grow over time, simply divide the number 72 by your investment‘s expected rate of return to find out approximately how many years it will take for your investment to double.
Be an idea champion: Know the enemy, always talk to yourself and know your edge, go the extra centimetre.

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My Two cents and a cup of coffee …
For me the dictionary is a testament of change, every word that made sense years ago, has a different implication every one time. I was sitting in the car with my thoughts running races that they couldn’t finish….then the dictionary thing came up as my solution to whether age is truly golden and full of limitless experience. Currency is coin of the new realm; the extension of knowledge is boundless and continuous.
The lack of ambition is the emptiness feeling ever, I love it when people blame me and hold me responsible for their ills even though it was obvious that they did the damage….success has its seeds.
Trying so hard to fixed caffeine intravenously in to my arm using a mug and some cream …and find a cure for common cold since opportunity always has a lifespan, It’s kind of like the ‘Schroeders Cat’ experiment…you never know unless you observe it, but to observe it would change the outcome…
Connecting the dots is the ultimate high for the workaholic and the persistent…the secret of success…And they are secrets because they are forgotten rules, life is the definitive game but we must always learn the rules…the law of seed and harvest cannot be broken one must develop an “opportunity consciousness” and visualize wealth as an idea, concept or a “Chinese box” a metaphor for nested decisions concepts.
What is the simplest way of getting the whole world stand and stare? …simplify.
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