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Six High Paying Writing Sites

These writing sites are the top six when it comes to total revenue from your articles. If you want to really turn on your online earnings, these are the sites to look at.

Want to hone your writing skills online, but don’t know where to start? This list of writing sites is a place where you can post your creative writing or articles, and even earn a few bucks from it.

Triond – An easy to use publishing platform that allows you to publish writing about whatever you want, and earn based on how many people view your content. Also offers 50/50 Adsense revenue sharing.

Bukisa – Like Triond, Bukisa allows you to write about whatever you want, but with more quality guidelines. If you think you can pump out 250 word articles of reasonable high quality, Bukisa is a great place to post your work, as they also pay more then Triond.

Factoidz – Factoidz is a site based around factual writing, how to guides, and DIY articles. Opinion pieces and creative writing will not be accepted, and payouts are generally low unless you post a ton of content and can do a lot of promoting. However, being accepted and published on this site is a great accomplishment, and will do wonders for future writing applications. If you want to skip the sin up process, use the link here: Write for Factoidz!

Demand Studios – These are the big leagues. Many people earn a living on this site, and for good reason. They offer both upfront payments for articles, which is usually $15 per 200-500 words, or passive income for articles, in which compensation is determined by the number of visits the articles get. You must apply to join, but having previous experience on the above sites should be more then enough.

Suite 101 – Basically an online magazine, writers must write 2 original, 400 word samples for their application before they can actually start writing for the site. Compensation rates seem to vary, but one author reported earning $5,000 in one month on the site. Most writers agree that payouts are generally low unless you can promote your work extremely well.

Bright Hub – A lesser known writing site with a unique compensation program, you must apply to join, and also sign a nine page agreement. Writers earn either $10 upfront and a low rate passive income stream based on visitors, or a high rate passive income stream depending on which channel they apply and write for.

While these are not every single writing site online that you can earn or practice on, they are the high earners, and most of them, besides Suite 101, are fairly easy to get into, making it simpler for a beginning writer to earn and improve their work.

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