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Shortcut Tips to Make Money Writing Online

The places that offer writers a chance to make money writing online vie to make theirs the best and most profitable. But which really are the best? Here are some tips based on my experience.

Smart writers use more than one venue to make money writing online. If for no other reason, multiple writing platforms give them the chance to spread the word among friends and associates in different places, expanding their audience. Others offer features that enable writers to explore ideas and explain them in different ways–with more or fewer images, for example, or polls and other interactive features.

But as I explained in Best Places To Make Money Writing Online, some who are serious about the craft are learning which writing platforms are best for us, especially in terms of doing it for dollars.


I first heard about Triond on a thread about online writing and what platforms were preferred. “I like writing for Triond,” a woman wrote simply. It seemed like an odd name, but why not?

I’ve since discovered the powerful advantages of writing online here. Triond is the most helpful of the half-dozen sites I write for in an automated way. Key word and image suggestions without any effort from me are a serious time-saver. The workspace is familiar and geared strongly toward SEO considerations.

Triond’s multiple magazine style format is innovative and wise, grouping similar articles and allowing Adsense sharing alongside its own ad program is lucrative. 

What, unfortunately, holds Triond back from the top tier (but just barely) are the glitches. The features mentioned above often don’t work correctly. Getting your article in the write place by category is frustrating, and the key word feature is hit or miss. The worst glitch, in capturing the required icon for an article, was so prolonged in freezing submissions, I twice had to crush the article on Triond and place it elsewhere.

To make money writing online, an important thing is to get readers to click on ads. That’s where we make our money, mainly. But too often, Triond takes this too far with ads that are more intrusive than informative, giving articles a cheesy environment. If content is king, Triond needs to step back a bit on aggressive commercialization of it.


Seekyt is my writing platform of choice right now. That’s why I first published Best Places To Make Money Writing Online there. 

Like Triond, Seekyt is a clean and easy workspace for writing, offering all the tools we need to compliment our work. It’s not as helpful in suggesting key words and images, but it has easy to access articles about how to get the most readership and even a list of subjects likely to rank well in Google searches.

The main reason I write most often on Seekyt, however, is the money. Looking over Google Adsense and Analytics reports to see what’s earning money, for me anyway, leads me to a simple understanding. I earn more money, commensurate with my efforts, on Seekyt than anywhere else.

I’m not an expert on SEO, by any means, but my impression is that Seekyt is better at helping articles get indexed quickly and at providing higher yielding ads. 

Triond is a close second in moneymaking, and if the glitches get successfully resolved, it will be serious competition for Seekyt.


I think Squidoo may be the most popular of the online writing sites for writers and readers and with good experience. It offers a very different writing experience and dozens of avenues for creating web pages packed with exciting looking content.

Very important is Squidoos HQ team that interacts more with its writers than any other platform. They are enthusiastic, supportive and determined to gear the site as much as possible toward quality content and root out spam.

Squidoo’s greatest strength, however, may be it’s greatest weakness. It’s platform is so different than others that it’s hard to say it’s really just a writers’ site. It’s more a place for creating web pages that are writer friendly, but don’t necessarily require a lot of writing.

Squidoo does not even call it’s members writers, but “lensmasters.” It doesn’t call it’s content articles, but “lenses” on specific subjects. This can make working on Squidoo’s platform, with its many interactive and eye-catching features, exciting, but it does require you to think and work differently than you do anywhere else.

And you work harder to achieve the effects Squidoo is built to accommodate. While Squidoo pays well and offers more ways to make money than any other, the work required in creating content means less income for time spent. I have to say, I love writing for Squidoo, however, and if you can orient yourself to a whole different writing experience, you will probably have more fun there. The community there is great and supportive. You’ll feel at home.


Not much new to say about Blogger, Google’s well-established site for the overtly opinionated. The lines are blurred between blogging and article writing these days, and as long as you can monetize your blog, why not. 

Blogger is clean and simple, if getting a little clunky with time. You can do anything on Blogger you can do anywhere else, except for some of Squidoo’s more free-spirited features (and the ones “borrowed” by Wizzley), and the Adsense revenue is solid.

You do feel a little alone in the Blogger universe, however, as interactions and support feel remote and thin. Still worth using to extend your range. Very simple for beginners and easy for veterans too. A big advantage with Blogger is that, when your not creating original content for them, they are convenient for bookmark sharing that can help circulate content you like, and that also can make you money.


Wizzley is kind of a baby on the block, and it’s impossible to work on the site without noticing that it seems like the bastard child of Squidoo and Hubpages, merging features from both without, unfortunately, doing anything original themselves.

That said, Wizzley is easier to write for than Squidoo, since the borrowed features are toned down, and much friendlier than Hubpages, which isn’t that hard, honestly.

I suggest you give Wizzley a try and see how you like them, especially if you find Squidoo a bit daunting or other platforms a little bland, which they may be. But if your intent is to make money writing on line, beware. My experience is, for whatever reason, my articles there get many fewer clicks per view than any other location. It may have to do with how their ads are structured, but the bottom line is the pay is not good. I believe they will get better, but until then, use Wizzley sparingly.


Nine months ago, I stopped writing new content for Hubpages, although I still curate my articles and I may write some new stuff eventually. 

My reasons are simple. I write the same everywhere I go. I don’t use any masks for my identity, but I run into more frustrations about content from Hubpages than anywhere else. In fact, I don’t run into frustrations anywhere else. It’s hard enough to create great content without feeling that the platform you’re on is the enemy.

And, indeed, Hubpages does have a rudeness about it, an in your face attitude about their terms of services, which are more rigid than others, and more aggressively enforced–without apparent benefit that I can see. Their content is no better than any other site, and it really can’t stand up to the best pages on Squidoo.

Worst of all, however, their HQ team too often comes on like a police force, intolerant and unyielding. Unlike the enthusiastic team at Squidoo, the very personable admin at Seekyt or the responsive folks at Triond and Wizzley, Hubpages people have a distinctly “big me/little you” attitude that strains the fun of writing to make money online.


You can read more about this topic here, but whatever you do, keep writing great content that helps Triond and others help us all get bigger and easier paychecks!

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