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She Opened Her Legs Wide

In the best flash fiction stories, sex is always about more than just sex.

I love those old movies.  Casablanca with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman is one of my favorites.  Many people who love old movies love Casablanca.  It’s my theory that one reason why old movies like Casablanca still resonates with audiences is that the sex is repressed.  There is no doubt that the characters played by Bogart and Bergman are hot for each other, but the story comes first.

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This is a good lesson for the flash fiction writer who wants to put sex in his or her flash fiction.  The story must come first.

Now I’m talking about writing first-class flash fiction.  If you don’t want to write first-class flash fiction, you can write any old tripe.  I want to write first-class flash fiction. 

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I’ve written my fair share of sexy flash fiction.  What I hope makes the sexy flash fiction that I write first-class flash fiction is that the stories are never really about sex.  They are about relationships.  I just happen to catch the characters in a physically intimate moment.

And in that moment the reader finds out everything he or she needs to know about the relationship.

So, a title like, “She Opened Her Legs Wide” may shout raging hormones, but the name Guy Hogan under that title tells the reader that the story comes first.

You will find links to 15 of my erotic flash fiction stories here: Writing Review: 15 Great Erotic Short Stories.

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