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Reasons for Writing

Why do you write?

Writing  for most people is a way of expressing themselves

Why do you write?

Most writers find writing a way of expressing themselves,  children start writing to talk about something they  had felt, or to keep a secret. 

If you don’t write what would you read?

Writing usually takes place when  there is peace and quiet, since you were a  kid you wanted to write, to get a point  across to others,  to those who are not so informed, however,  writing makes you feel good.

An important role in many lives, sharing your ideas  on Facebook, makes you feel good for the day, communicate with yourself by  checking for grammar any other errors.  Sometimes writing is necessary, even if you are not a big fan.

You like to write about your personal experiences, learn more about punctuations when  to use the comma and  the pronunciation of words , the language itself is a way of knowing more.

It makes you think and relax, you can’t survive the day without writing,  or  your life will be boring

Your everyday life is part of the written word, an inescapable part of your life,   it removes stress from your life, placing pen to paper releases your moods.

Writing can therapeutic, a less burden of frustration on your mind, you are able to address your anger or fear, this you do without saying it aloud to another person instead  of  off-loading the burden onto friends you are  writing about it.

The daily habit of writing allows you a regular time to forget about tasks and that has been worrying in the back of your mind

You should write daily to keep your skills, to be able to communicate clearly, concisely and aesthetically, degrades without practice.  Those who don’t write as often can freeze up.

A simple email to a friend can keep you on tract with writing,   when writing daily  even in stream-of –consciousness, unedited format, will give you the improvement of writing skills.

If you want to earn some pocket money why not write?

Get away from it all, read and write something most of you tend to miss out on these days.

Often in  culture and communication one fails to express themselves, you need to enhance your communication skills.

Improve your verbal communication in  a diplomatic way.

You must know what you want from life,  most people are not sure  of what they want, so don’t get it, be clear about achieving goals.

To achieve your goals you must be sure and be up  for the challenge

Develop your Analytical skills work through your issues, the best solutions come from a mix of logical and creative thinking.

Don’t be interrupted by technology when writing get away from it.

Write about your daily experiences to closely monitor your actions and goals 

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