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Readership Trends on Triond

An article for all Triond members. Perhaps we could share notes on where our readers come from. We have listed our readership figures and noted major changes seen over the last 12 months.

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AndAnotherThing’s Current Readership Expressed as Percentages

Over the last 30 days this is where our Triond network readers have come from – seven nations.

  1. United Kingdom 45%
  2. United States 44%
  3. Canada 4%
  4. Australia 3%
  5. Germany 2%
  6. Ireland 1%
  7. India 1%

The latest change has been the increase in UK traffic to 45% from 15%. This has accompanied a cut in traffic from the United States. Before this change US traffic was up to 70% in any 30 days. Earlier this year there was a massive influx of readers from China. The latter traffic has now disappeared.
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