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Personal Style and Writing

An article on personal style and writing.

Everybody has personal style. You hear people speak of personal style in writing, in music, in fashion.

Personal style helps to add flavor.

Of course, personal style must also be authentic.

What is your personality as a writer and how can this personal style help to add flavor to your writing, help to make it entertaining or interesting or readable.

Some personal styles are more personal than others.

Some styles to hear and listen to the personality of the writer. They often include first person. They give interesting details.

Other writers have a more general style. You don’t learn a great deal about them personally. They have a lyrical style or a philosophical style or an intellectual style.

These are also personal styles.

The personal style can be translated into poetry, short stories, screenwriting, articles, etc.

In movies, many of the great directors like an Alfred Hitchcock have a personal style that people recognize. Almost everybody knows the Hitchcock style.

Other directors are more eclectic. They don’t truly have a personal style that you notice. They make many different types of movies in many different types of styles, but you can’t really tell their personal style.

Richard Price in his screenplays has a certain personal style, especially in the use of dialogue and the urban scene, where you think, even if you don’t know the credits, maybe this is a Richard Price screenplay. This is personal style.

Muhammad Ali has personal style. Personal style often sets the standard. Madonna has personal style. Elvis has personal style. These personal styles often set the standard for other personal styles. Ieoh Ming Pei has personal style. Picasso has personal style. Scientists can have personal style, like an Einstein. Even Einsteinian formulas have personal style.

Personal style can be used in writing web content also. When writing web content you can notice personal style. Of course, you can write web content in many different styles. Reread your web content articles and decide if you have a personal styles and/or many different styles depending upon the types of articles. If you have personal style, what is your best personal style?

When you study any art form, think of the artist and the concept of personal style. Does personal style help to flavor the art, whether it’s jewelry making, architecture, fashion, filmmaking? Think personal style when writing and revising your writing.

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