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Overcome Writer’s Block with Eft

An informative article on how you can use EFT (emotional freedom technique) to get rid of writer’s block easily-

And all you have to do is tap.

Writer’s block is nothing more than a mixture of emotions that either tell you your writings terrible,(self-doubt), your too lazy to sit down and write like “normal” writers,(procrastination), or you just don’t have any good ideas to write about,(negative mindset). As you’ve slowly come to believe these negative opinions, you’ve sunk deeper and deeper into the murky ooze of writer’s block, never to return, until now. Today I’m going to show how to use EFT (emotional freedom technique) to get rid of writer’s block once and for all.

And all you have to do is tap.

To start, EFT can be defined simply as, “tapping on certain energy points (called meridians) to help clear away negative energy/emotions and help you feel better.” Picture your energy traveling on a “highway” of sorts throughout your body. As long as this highway stays clear of “traffic jams” (aka negative energy), your body runs fine and you feel on top of the world.

Let’s say, for example, your boss has just told you that you need to write 7 articles (one for each day of the week) and turn them into him or else become fired. You have been infected with writer’s block for the past few days and have no interest whatsoever in writing, but the job pays well and you like your work.

So what do you do? Quit? Cuss your boss out? Complain to your co-workers about how nothing goes right in your life? Try and force out 7 articles that are so badly written your boss fires you anyway? NO. You simply use EFT to get rid of your block, change your negative thoughts into positive ones, and get on with your business.

To do this, simply follow this short guide below in order to perform EFT in 3-5 minutes (or less) and feel better instantly.

1. Rate the intensity of your problem (in this case, writer’s block)

One a scale of 1-10, with 1 being that writer’s block is completely gone to 10, where writer’s block overwhelms you to the point of anger or frustration, rate how deeply it makes you feel emotionally. You may also go beyond 10 if your block is that bad, but this step only helps you identify how bad your problem is, and doesn’t affect your energy levels in any way.

2. Set up your healing phrase/mantra

This healing phrase/mantra is what you’ll be repeating throughout the tapping process. This is a very important step, and it helps to be specific when you create one. A few examples on what to say would be:

  • Even though I have writer’s block, I deeply and completely accept myself. (Original phrase for EFT, excellent for beginners)
  • Even though I have writer’s block and I hate (it)/fear (it)/am frustrated (by it), I deeply and completely accept myself.
  • I wish for my writer’s block to be gone. (Works just the same, just shorter and more commanding)
  • Even though I’ve tried everything and yet my writer’s block is still there, I deeply and completely accept myself, even if I don’t believe EFT will help me. (Addresses self-doubts and feelings of frustration with a skeptic attitude toward EFT)
  • I wish for my writer’s block to be gone and to feel happy and full of ideas (Works equally well)

These are just some phrases that I found that I use personally to help clear away my writer’s block (when it appears). As you’ve noticed, all of the sentences are descriptive and to the point, and may contain emotion. This is perfectly fine. Feel free to tweak these sentences to your liking until you’ve found one that works for you.

3. The tapping procedure

This is the meaty bit of the entire EFT process. I’ll be taking you through the shortcut method, which works just as well as the full version (located in the videos section of this article below).

To start, I suggest you stand up or sit up, as it’ll be easier to find the points on your body. You may also want to go somewhere private where you can be alone to avoid anyone gawking at you while you tap, but if you can’t, it’s okay to do it in public, just be prepared for a few puzzling glances in your direction.

While you tap, make sure to do the following:

  • Repeat your chosen phrase continuously.
  • Tap 5-7 times on each spot, making sure you tap gently so as not to give yourself a bruise.
  • Use two-three fingers to tap, but you may use your entire hand if you wish.
  • Be prepared to feel slight tingling in your arms/legs, yawning, deep sighing, the need to stretch, throbbing of hands/temples, and sudden fits of crying, frustration, or anger for no apparent reason. These feelings are perfectly normal and show that your energy is becoming unblocked.

To tap, follow the procedure below:


1. Tap on the fleshy bit of your hand, the bit below your thumbs (called karate point/chop, (KC))  

2 Tap on the inside of your eyebrows, illustrated in the above pictures (EB)

3. Tap on the side of your eye or on the temples (SE)

4. Tap under your eye on the cheekbone (UE)

5. Tap under nose (may use one finger to tap ridge under nose) (UN)

6. Tap under chin, a few inches below the bottom lip (CH)

7. Tap on the collarbone (may use entire hand)

8. Tap under arm (For males, the point is 3-4 inches below nipple. For women, it is in the middle of the bra strap. If too difficult to find, use entire hand to tap. Even if you miss the entire point, it will in no way effect the EFT procedure)

9. Tap on the insides of your wrist (optional, use both arms to tap on each wrist at the same time)

10. Tap on the top of your head (may use entire hand)

Once you are finished, take a deep breath through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth. Now pause and observe how you feel. Feel better? Feel the sudden urge to want to write? Feel like smiling or laughing? Good! This shows that EFT has worked. Remember, if you feel any tingling or the need to yawn, stretch, or sigh, this is completely normal. IF, one the other hand, you feel worse, do the entire process over and over until you feel better. This feeling is simply your energy becoming unblocked, just like in the traffic jam before. As the “cars” slowly start to move, you may feel a little impatient at the slowness, but over time, you feel better, cruising along and getting to your final destination. Persistence is one of the major keys to success when doing EFT. I myself have had to do EFT at least 5 times on certain personal subjects until I felt better, but that persistence has paid off in the long run.

So, here are a few key points to remember:

1. Rate the intensity of your problem (1-10 or higher)

2. Create a descriptive, yet short phrase to address your problem.

3. Tap on energy points. Remember, if you don’t know where the energy point is exactly; just tap around it with your entire hand. It’s okay to miss a point, too.

4. Rate how feel after the EFT process. If you feel better, but your intensity number hasn’t gone down to 1 or 0, or has gone up, be persistent and try, try again. It works, trust me.

5. Tell your friends, family, and neighbors, everybody you can about EFT. Research EFT to learn more about it, watch videos on Youtube about EFT for in-depth tutorials on how to solve any problem using EFT.

–Official original EFT video made by Gary Craig and others….

– A very informative, high quality tutorial on how to do EFT and a short explanation of EFT as well.

– An explaination on how EFT works (in depth) — CLick here to download a free EFT manual written by Gary Craig (creator of EFT) himself. Simply check the box that says “Free EFT manua”, enter you email address, and save the pdf file on your hard drive.

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