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On-line Writing Doesn’t Seem Profitable

Yet, it is still a piece of writing and one doesn’t know who’s to read it out there.

A friend in the writers group where I used to go to said to me that if one wished to be a failure of a writer, one should write on-line. As I had just registered to write on-line and for me was quite an experience to explore, I didn’t mind his remark.

I went on and on and my main interest, apart from writing readable pieces, was to learn on techniques on how to market my articles so as to increase my viewership and therefore, my earnings.

Two years on, I wouldn’t say that my earnings have been great, but I’ve learnt a good bit on on-line writing, apart from trying to create a good portfolio that I can use for some other purpose, or perhaps, to show to a potential editor out there. So, it isn’t wasted time. 

I could perhaps write more articles, spending my days in front of the screen writing non-stop one article after the other and getting obsessed with my views, comments and earnings. But I don’t want this. Two articles a day are the most I can write. I won’t write for the sake of it and if I write more than three, it’s because I’ve time to spare and nothing more interesting to do.


Many writers lose heart at taking part in writing competitions when they see they’ve been partaking in quite a few of them and they haven’t achieved not even to be long listed. On top of this, most writing competitions aren’t free to enter, So, one has to choose well. However, what to do if one doesn’t win? Shall we have to get depressed or annoyed? First of all, we’ve to think that ours wasn’t the only one entered. The judging panel had thousands to choose from. So, it doesn’t mean ours was a bad one. Or was it? Have one more look at your story. Editing is a never ending job, even if we have done it several times. Or, one’s probably failed with their guidelines. But the good thing about partaking in writing competitions is that one will find having a lot of material, which is finished (many amateur writers fail to finish what they start) and edited to offer them somewhere else.

So, it is with on-line writing. Have a close look to your portfolio. Which ones did they work well and which ones didn’t? Do they need more editing? How can one use such an amount of material in a different way?

This is what a true writer would do rather than claiming against readers, editors and the like. No one is obliged to write, but if we do it, we are obliged to do it our best if we’re to respect our readers, and we all as readers deserve respect. Computers make a writer’s work a lot easier, but they don’t provide with talent. We have it or have it not. 

(c) Copyright. Vicky Pino. December 20th 2012. 

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