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New Article Sharing Site That Let Writers Earn $1000-$3000

Seekyt is a new site that will let writer’s earn 100% of their ads income. It’s new, trusted, and with high alexa rank.

Seekyt is one of the newest article sharing site around. Seekyt will let writers earn 100% of their income. Too good to be true? Sounds scam? No! My friends and I are already earning from this site. Their payment scheme is different from others. Let’s say they you have a chitika account, adsense account and amazon affiliate account at the time. seekyt will let you use your own ad service and let you earn 100% from that. But, maybe you are asking, how they will earn from such payment scheme. Well, it’s simple, they will be making schedules of which ads to show in a day, for example in one day 40% of the time, they will show their ads to your articles and then 70% of the time, seekyt will let your own ads to show in a day. That’s how they work. There’s no need for paypal account of being scamed because your money will go directly to your ads account. There’s also a 80% probablity of your site be on the top ranking list of search engines because of it’s alexa ranking.

What’s more? Yes there’s more. Seekyt will also let you put customized amazon ads in your own article, so when writing an article, you have the option to put a hidden link of ads to the pictures that you will put on your articles. Win win situation right?

The site admin is very welcoming and approachable, they always talk and join some conversations in some posts. If you have problems, you can message the admin Tyler, and if you have suggestions for the site, you can message him also. A very friendly admin wil surely answer your question.

The required word count for the site is not high enough, meaning, writers can easily write for the site however in a condition of good grammar and spelling. All of you already know that google updated their database and they have a different ruling in SEo now, so good articles and not stuffed with keywords and exit links will surely be on top.

Good site rite? Why not try registering in the site? It will be a good opportuniy and fresh start. We all know that writing in one site alone will not give us passive income. Using triond, hubpages, seekyt, and squidoo at the same time will surely give us a high passive income.

Join now, and be the next writer to earn $1000 – $3000 dollar passive income a month.

Register here.

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