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Me trying to use metaphors more in my writing.

Let’s compare
Big Daddy the bear
Is a well-balanced chair
Even with a jungle for hair
Look here
The world is a twisted twister
Empowered by fear
No energizer found elsewhere
Like the pink hare
They say things happen for a reason
Fate is a spoiled child acting up in season
Trials ask the question, “Who do you believe in?”
Can leave you with your air cut off
No breathing
I think
Back to the past
Of how I was last
I was a benediction
And stereo speakers
…On blast
Things are different now
I emerge from my cocoon
I’m a deep bass bassoon
Bump bein a goon
Don’t lose hope when you can’t see the end of the tunnel
This is no experiment, no flask, no bunsen, no funnel
Life beating you down, mounted guard starts to pummel
Your arms are too weak,… you don’t want to rumble
the most dependable One you never met
Hands safer than Andrew Symonds or Reggie Bush….bet
Let your hands embrace the cross you can’t see
And like Billie Holiday, you’ll see Strange Fruit on a tree
He’s a lion, He’s a bear, won’t say He’s a tiger [sorry Ms. Jasmine]
He’s the real Big Daddy, the number 1 provider [you can have Him]
I prepare to say what I thought I never would
I prepare to write words I thought I never could
I stand tall like a tree cause my Root ain’t made of wood
I’m a good guy only cause He’s all good

Liked it
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