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Maximizing Your Success on Triond (Part 3: Extra Tips)

Almost every person using Triond at one time or another has asked the question: "how can I be successful on Triond?"—Here I will continue to answer that question and welcome new Triond writers!

            In the first two parts I covered in detail some of the most vital points concerning Triond success.  Now I will discuss 5 miscellaneous factors that all add on to that goal of being more successful in your writing and maximizing your success on Triond.

            1. The first and foremost point I would like to mention is your overall attitude.  This refers to your article content, your profile, your comments on other’s articles, your private messages to others, and any way that your attitude could affect your readers.  Having a good, positive, cheerful, and encouraging attitude is essential to your success. This especially applies to your friends who will more likely be indifferent to your articles if they are mostly negative or even to you if your comments or profile are negative, for negativity naturally degrades any reading material and even debases your personal character.  In other words, your friends will be more enthusiastic about your works if they are written in a pleasing, realistic, and lighthearted way without any negative defilement in your character or works!

            2. The second point is merely giving your articles a proper title, a good description, and tags.  During the composing stage in writing your articles, it is essential that you simply create a proper and fitting title!  A proper title should be as short as possible, clear, clean, to-the-point, and slightly creative so as to arouse interest in readers.  Triond gives writers the use of a short description that is to go before their article.  A lot of Triond writers do not use this tool properly.  Simply copying and pasting the first sentence of the work does not do the job well enough in most cases.  What readers want is a short, to-the-point summary to tell them whether this article is going to be good or not for their purpose, instead of them having to guess and get frustrated by wasting their time reading through an article that was not what they had thought it was going to be because the description was not descriptive enough!  Another tool only too often ill used is tags.  Creating good tags that will direct more people to your article is very important.  So my suggestion is that you make them as direct as possible, make them words that might seem relevant, make them popular words/ phrases, and make as many good tags as possible.  I would suggest that you make at least five tags, but most importantly make sure they are relevant tags!

3. Another vital point is writing often and publishing effectively.  Writing as often as possible is the key on Triond as Triond is not as good as some other sites for passive earning, so you have to majorly depend on new articles.  I recommend writing at least one article every day, although sometimes it is not possible and in a lot of cases it is not very practical, majorly because of work or school.  But, the more often you can write the better!  Now there is a happy-medium for how much you publish, if you write ten articles every day and then decide to publish them all at once, it’s what I call “saturation bombing” where you drop too many articles at once and don’t give your friends a chance for your articles to really “sink in” because they are clicking through a cloud of your articles and reading them less intensely than if they had just been given one at a time.  Plus if you spread your article publishing (if you have a lot to publish) you will be able to keep your articles on your friends news feed longer than just slamming them all at once!  Now for certain things it’s not as bad for example: recipes don’t require an intense thought process and are easy to assimilate quickly.  Poetry is short but a very thought provoking material that should be published with discretion to get the maximum benefit.  So overall, you should use prudence on how much you publish, relative to what you publish!

4. Another factor that I want to touch more on is writing style.  I did mention some things about it but I would like to add some more!  Specifically that your articles should be written with good description and should be written with directness, with no diverging thoughts or lose ends.  This trait ties with another good writing mannerism, namely, writing with unity and cohesion so that your writing is strong and convincing with one major purpose.  To have good cohesion, you must write with smooth transitions and flow from one thought, in your topic, to the next logically and without a complete jump from aimless idea to another.  Smooth and coherent writing makes it easier for readers to pick-up on what you are saying without confusion or frustration and difficulty.

5. An issue that has ravaged Triond and is damaging to writers is plagiarism.  Writing content that is 100% original is the best trait for a writer to have!  Stealing from other writers has wrecked the reputation of writers as they just re-post old material that is in no way an advancement of others knowledge, just junk!  Wouldn’t it would be frustrating to a reader if, when he searched for a topic on the internet, he found the same material, just re-worded, on most of the websites he read?  Getting new information on the web is the purpose of writing articles for sites like Triond.  So writing purely original articles and introducing fresh information will make you more successful because that is what web searchers are looking for!  Plus, you friends on Triond will find you more interesting if you write about new things that would peak their interests or inform them of new information previously inaccessible to them!

I have covered such factors as: attitude, pointers on article publishing, effective publishing, more on writing style, and plagiarism, and with these tips I hope you will be able to increase your success on Triond and become an effectual writer!  Thus I will end this part of my topic on Maximizing Your Success on Triond, to be continued in part 4 on “More Tips”!  Happy Publishing! :)

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