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Living in The Moment

The Buddhists teach a way where we can let go of all the things that make us miserable so that we can live richer and healthier lives, and one of their primary methods to reaching inner peace is through meditation. Meditation doesn’t only have to be something that you do privately, but you can practice the principles of it in your daily life, and ultimately find yourself truly living your life the way it was meant to be lived, without stress.

I can’t count how many times during the day that I’ve found myself aggravated from events related to people in my recent past that have found ways to get to me, or times when I’ve stressed out worrying about what the future will hold. Even though I have a decent job writing content for Dish Network and their various TV specials and packages, I still find myself wondering if I could be one of those people in the very near future who are unable to pay their bills and ultimately lose everything they own.

It’s in these times that I reflect back to the Buddhist books I’ve read  that kept reminding me about how misery stems from how hard we hold on to the past and future, as well as the things we own, and the people we have in our lives. In essence we don’t truly possess anything but the moments we are living, and when we can block out the thoughts of all the things that cause us distress and just appreciate the sights, sounds, smells, feelings, and tastes of each moment we’re alive, then we can stop feeling the dread of the “what if’s” and start truly living life to it’s fullest. This concept is what embodies the experience of meditation, when we narrow our focus down to only one thing in the very present that causes us to eliminate all thoughts of anything else. I’m not big on sitting in the lotus position with my forefingers lightly touching my thumbs as I belt out “OHM” over and over, so what I do is simply lean back in my desk chair, close my eyes, breathe slow deep breaths, and repeat in my head over and over the word “ONE”. Sounds stupid, but believe it or not after 15 minutes of doing this I feel like I’m on top of the world.

I’ve had some very enlightening epiphanies both during and after meditation, and somehow I can’t help but think that all the mental clutter that we allow to overwhelm our daily lives is in some way blocking out the possibility of opening us up to not only a more peaceful and content lifestyle, but also to a stream of consciousness outside of ourselves that holds answers to all our deepest questions, and opportunities to express the greatest amounts of creativity possible. With that being said, I can easily see that my worst moments of writers block were always accompanied by  situations in my life that had caused me enough stress that my focus couldn’t be on the writing at hand, but on whatever it was that had me worried. During those times there was no way under the sun that I could write about DishTV packages, the latest special offers, or current TV technologies that would make the world a better place, so I would do my version of meditation and after I had felt myself become completely calm I would open my eyes and the words would flow out of me into my writing faster than I could do even when I haven’t been stressed and I’m just writing about whatever is the current event.

Lately I’ve found myself trying to live in the moment not only in those times when I’m meditating, but in times where I can experience my surroundings and just let go of my thoughts. I now eat my food and allow the flavors to become the experience of the moment, or if I walk outside of my house I listen to the birds singing or the wind blowing through the trees. I take in all the colors of what’s around me and just appreciate nothing else but what’s in front of me. Since I’ve started to do this, my blood pressure levels have dropped and I’ve found myself really starting to enjoy life instead of always worrying about tomorrow.

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