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Lets See What Happens

I took Some time off from writing here. I was waiting to see if there were any changes and I have witnessed a few. So I just may write a bit and continue to monitor the outcomes.

Writing should be fun and something you love to do. It can be quite daunting when you write and you feel that your work is not appreciated. Low pay can detour writers. There’s nothing wrong with writing for a hobby but there are some who take writing seriously. They want to be recognized and accepted. No one should want to collect a few pennies when they have put in hard work coming up with nifty titles. Yes, I want to make some money doing what I love.

Lets face it we all have to make a living and in this economy we really need to generate something more than a few cents. What about those bills? The bills will continue to come and the bill collects will not wait for you. Some make a hefty sum of money writing while others are still waiting to receive more than three bucks. I understand that you can get tons of experience on sites but those who are making lots on you should be a shamed. Lets not just make writing fun but make it attractive to experienced and up and coming writers.

No one should give up on their craft but you should take a stand. Many are continuing to see what happens and wonder if sites will recognize their dedicated writers. Many are taking a liking to blogging and if you have a niche for it than why not indulge in it. Writers are demanding an increase and we want it now! I surely would want to make more than a couple of pennies and I’m looking forward to growth. You should continue to write but you should scream appreciation!

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