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Karakter Zodiak Pisces

Karakter Zodiak Pisces.

Birthstones: Red blood

That you Might like:

Soap opera, a beautiful sunset, a fireplace, and warm Such as Christmas celebrations

You do not like:

Excessive profanity, underarm odor
Best of your ability:

Make decisions by listening to your inner voice, not your head, and the capture of negative Vibrations so you walk into a room

You are in:

You are a dreamer, not a planner. Your world will be perfect if someone else handle the details and you are allowed to sit under a tree, while writing a book or something else.

your Career

Curator of art, landscape designers, translators or writers.


You have the ability to cause any ugly clothes would look cool if you are taking. Sometimes you can Appear Because your Abilities are faded. That clothing is loose and waving your favorites.

as a friend

Sometimes you get lost in your own thinking, the which is Sometimes frustrating, but friends like you have an easy and friendly personality. You are not the people WHO like to shake the boat, you would rather drift currents and do not mind to change plans to suit your peers.

As a boyfriend (girls)

You dreamer and romantic. Living in your own little world, you love your guy’s eyes without saying a word. As soft like butter, you guys will love you the dam sentimental feeling That you are very interesting.

If your guy Pisces

Like a giant soft, artistic kind of guy and look at you as a creative inspiration for him. Do not be surprised if all of a sudden she Presented poetry, computer games, or movies to your tree. He’ll baste you with sweet words and hugs, and truly believe That you are the beautiful princess.

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